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City Hall

The most famous monument of Rzeszow is a city hall. Built in 1591, rebuilt few times in 19th century, is a great example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. City hall is a best place to start sightseeing of Rzeszow.

Underground Trial

The second great tourist attraction of the city is Underground Trial with fantastic, renovated, medieval basements. Trial has 369 meters length and it’s leading under the Rzeszów market square.

Rzesow Castle

Rzeszow Castle is also making amazing impression. This huge 16th century building in the beginning was a seat of Polish aristocratic family - Lubomirscy. In 1820 during the partition of Poland castle was changed into Austrian prison. Castle has been destructed and completely rebuilt in 20th century. During II World War, Germans was imprisoning and executing here Polish prisoners, especially from National Army. Nowadays there is a court in the castle and unfortunately it’s not opened for tourists. Authorities of Rzeszów is trying adopt castle for the new seat of museum, but first they have to built a new court.

Lisia Góra Wildlife Reserve

Those who like mountains and want to spend their time in active way, should check one of the nearest trials which let us to see neighbouring monuments as also breath-taking views of Lisia Góra Wildlife Reserve.