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Chopin Concert in Warsaw

Why Should You Join In? 

Frederic Chopin grew up and spent much of his life in Warsaw, Poland. His concerts are performed all around the world but not often can you listen to his music in the place where it was actually composed. Warsaw is proud of its most talented virtuoso pianist and many contemporary musicians living in the capital practice days and nights to best reproduce Chopin’s remarkable pieces during live concerts in Warsaw. Even after he left Poland for France, the poet of the piano, as some call him, was extremely devoted to his homeland, what can be heard in his music pieces full of longing for his beloved country. The concert's high artistic level and unusual character is assured thanks to their individual style and expressive interpretation. The programme contains a fine selection of Chopin’s works and is arranged in such a way so as to present his works in various contexts and from various perspectives.


  • One ticket to the Chopin concert
  • Chopin’s most popular music pieces
  • Live concert performed on stage
  • Professional musicians and winners of international piano contests
  • Listen to Chopin’s music in the city where he grew up


Concerts are scheduled daily at 7 p.m.

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