Extermination Camps

Wall of Death in Auschwitz

Nazi’s Death Factories
Extermination camps are gloomy remains of World War II. During those hard times, when Poland was under German occupation, Nazis built their death factories. Auschwitz, Belzec, Stuthoff and many other camps were places of torment for thousands of Jews, Poles, Gypsies and other nations from all over Europe.

To remember!

Concentration Camp’s Wardresses

Nowadays all of these places have been converted into museums, which show the cruelty and bestiality of Nazi aggressors. They are also monuments that keep the memory of heroes and victims alive. Visiting one of those camps is always a very touchy and instructive experience. They help us understand that peace and human lives are priceless, and we have to do our best to avoid such things happening again.

Polish Museums

Museums are the best attractions for all those interested in the history and heritage of visited countries. In just one place you can find exhibits with many items that have witnessed the past. They can tell you a lot about history, traditions and national identity.

You can find thousands of museums in Poland which refers to all aspect of our Polish everyday life and history. From traditional country-side museums called skansen located in old farms and filled with historical items that were used by locals centuries ago, to recently opened museums which interact with visitors in a way that stimulates all your senses. The best example of such new museum is WARSAW UPRISING MUSEUM. To recieve extra and personal information about Nazi Germany it is important to visit the Nazi Extermination camps that were built during the German Occupation of WWII.

Have a look at our list of BEST MUSEUMS IN POLAND:

Tadeusz Wiejowski – First Escape from Auschwitz Camp

Tadeusz Wiejowski
Tadeusz Wiejowski

Escape from Auschwitz was possible

The 6th of July, 1940 is a very important day in the Auschwitz Extermination Camp’s history. 70 years ago a Polish prisoner – Tadeusz Wiejowski made the first escape from Auschwitz. Unfortunately his luck meant a tragedy for the other prisoner Dawid Wongczewski, who died during the 20 hours of his penal appeal. It was the first fatality of Nazi cruelty in the camp. However, despite the prisoner’s death that day had a great meaning for many people imprisoned by the Germans. Wiejowski showed them that escape from Auschwitz was possible!

The Great Sacrifice

Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire and Electric Fance

Auschwitz Concentration Camp was very well-guarded, surrounded with electric fence and barbed wire. So how did Wiejowski do it? He wouldn’t have made it without help and sacrifice of his fellow-countryman. Five Polish electricians who worked for the German company near the camp gave him their clothes and helped him to get out. They also provided him with food and money. They had all been captured and were incarcerated in the camp. Only one of them survived the World War II. However, their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. The Escape of Tadeusz Wiejowski was only the beginning.

Kazimierz Piechowski – The great escape from Auschwitz

Incredible Story of Escape from the Auschwitz Camp

20th June of 1942, another day in Auschwitz. Prisoners working, missing families, suffering and dying. Four of them made it definitely a day to remember.

Kazimierz Piechowski, a political prisoner (he was a member of Polish Boy Scouts) at Auschwitz concentration camp, a young boy – Stanislaw Jaster, a priest Jozef Lempart and an auto mechanic from Ukraine – Eugeniusz Bendera accomplished something unbelievable.

Auschwitz Gate
Auschwitz Gate

Wearing stolen German uniforms and driving the Rudolf Hoss’s car, the prisoners attempted to pass the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” gate.

The escape was carefully prepared, however while waiting for the gate to be opened they got a little stressed… Then Piechowski, playing the role of Unterstrumfuhrer, yelled at the guard and hassled him to raise the bar. Thanks to the self control and fluent German of Piechowski they managed to quit the camp farewelled by an armed SS-men.

Reportedly, when the commandant Hoss heard about the escape, he asked astonished: “How the bloody hell could they escape in my own car, in our own uniforms and with our ammunition?”

As all escape attempts in concentration camps, also this one had its consequences. Nazis imprisoned the parents of Jaster, as well as Lempart’s mother and tortured the kapo Kurt Pachala, who was later starved to death. Another result was an order to tattoo the prisoners with their prison numbers.

Escape from Auschwitz
Kazimierz Piechowski

Nonetheless, not everyone considered this escape as an act of courage. There is a theory, that Stanislaw Jaster has collaborated with Germans, and managed to organise the escape thanks to his contacts. Found guilty for treachery and sentenced to death, he was killed by members of Polish Home Army. Kazimierz Piechowski never doubted the innocence of his friend and called this sentence “one of the biggest mistakes of Polish Home Army”.

Piechowski was never recaptured by Nazis, but during the communist era he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for being a member of the Home Army.

Lempart gave up priesthood and started a family. He died in an accident in 1971. Bendera lived in Warsaw and died in the 80s.

If you want to learn more about the amazing story of four runaways, we recommend you to watch “The Runaway” filmed in 2006 by Marek Pawlowski.

Kazimierz Piechowski - prisoner
Piechowski as an inmate at Auschwitz

Central – West Poland Map


Central-West Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

Cities and towns

  • Poznan
    Map of Poland - Poznan

    – Capital city of Greater Poland is one of the oldest and most charming Polish cities. A long and complicated history of the city left behind really marvelous monuments of architecture. Poznan is also a green city, there are a lot of parks and gardens where we can get rest from the noise and rush.

  • Bydgoszcz
    Map of Poland - Bydgoszcz

    – In northern part of Poland, among rivers and greenery, there is a beautiful city, characteristic because of very diverse landscape. In this city we can find “Small Venice”, canal connecting basins of two greatest Polish rivers and many uncommon sights.

  • Zielona Gora
    Map of Poland - Zielona Gora
    Zielona Gora

    – Underestimated by tourists, but really beautiful city in the western part of Poland. During World War II the city belonged to German territory, so damages were smaller than in other cities. That’s why Zielona Gora kept it’s unique character and historical atmosphere. Today it’s not big but shining pearl amongst other cities of western Poland.

  • Gniezno
    Map of Poland - Gniezno

    – The first capital of Polish Kingdom, place of Polish Baptism and probably most important historical city in our country. For the greatest attention deserves Cathedral’s Gate with beautiful relief presents the story of saint martyr Adalbert of Prague but there are a lot more magnificent monuments.

  • Torun
    Map of Poland - Torun

    – Rich history and one of the most beautiful old towns among other Polish cities. Thanks to location at the Vistula bank Torun was important trade center in medieval. Today it’s significant cultural and educational center. Torun old town is on the UNESCO Global Heritage List as also 7 Polish Miracles List.

Natural Attractions

  • Wielkopolski National Park
    Map of Poland - Wielkopolski National Park
    Wielkopolski National Park

    – The park contains one of the most unique ecosystems in this part of Europe. On its territory we can encounter on many unusual animals and plants, but also interesting land forms, beautiful lakes and historical monuments like Castle of Potocka.

  • Ujscie Warty National Park
    Map of Poland - Ujscie Warty National Park
    Ujscie Warty
    National Park

    – The park is located on the estuary of Warta river. It’s the newest among Polish national parks. It was established in 2001. The park can be proud of over 245 spices of birds with over 26 which are threatened with extinction. This is an ideal place of hiking and nature lovers.

Nazi Camps

  • Kulmhoff Nazi Camp
    Map of Poland - Kulmhoff
    Kulmhoff Extermination Camp

    – The camp was founded in 1941 and in contrast to other camps, which were using prisoners for a slave labour, Kulmhoff was strictly an extermination camp. Amongst over 300 thousand prisoners, survived only 4 people who escaped. Most victims were murdered immediately after transport. Kulmhoff was really death factory. Today n the territory of former extermination camp there is a small museum, wall of memory and the great monument with relief showing the martyrdom of Kulmhof.

Architecture Monuments

  • Biskupin
    Map of Poland - Biskupin

    – open-air museum which presents reconstructed settlement from the bronze époque. First traces of human activity on this territory came from about 740 BC. Polish archeologists discovered this place in 1933. Today village is reconstructed and opened for tourists. This is the great place to learn about the beginning of Polish nation.

Others

  • Kostrzyn
    Map of Poland - Kostrzyn
    Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn

    – Small town located on the boarder with Germany. The town can be proud of interesting medieval architecture and long history, but it’s famous especially by Woodstock Festival – the biggest open-air rock music festival in this part of Europe. During the last event in 2010 Kostrzyn was visited by over 350 thousand people. Year by year popularity of Woodstock is rising. Huge stage of Woodstock Festival is a place of the greatest rock stars from all over the World performances.

North-West Poland Map


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North-West Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

Cities and towns

  • Gdansk
    Map of Poland - Gdansk

    – The biggest city of Polish coast, one of the most popular tour destinations, place where World War II has started and where Socialism époque has fallen. Over 1000 years history remained amazing monuments in almost every corner of this magnificent city.

  • Szczecin
    Map of Poland - Szczecin

    – The capital city of West Pomerania and also one of the most beautiful Polish cities often called “The Floating Garden”. Mixture of modern architecture and historical monuments makes Szczecin one of a kind.

  • Swinoujscie
    Map of Poland - Swinoujscie

    – One of the most popular and beautiful cities of Polish coast, placed near the boarder with Germany, on the biggest island of Poland – Wolin. Amazing monuments connected with the marine tradition, atmosphere of coastal town, smell of the sea and golden beaches makes every visit in Swinoujscie very pleasant experience.

  • Hel
    Map of Poland - Hel

    – one of the most unique cities in Europe, placed on the spit of tight peninsula. First mentions about Hel came from 12th century but in that times village was placed on the island. Today little archipelago turned into peninsula which has only 150 meters width in the tightest point. This is one of the most popular tour destinations in Poland.

Natural Attractions

  • Kaszuby
    Map of Poland - Kaszuby

    – historical region placed in northern part of Poland, with its unique customs, traditions and language which preserved to nowadays. Visit in Kaszuby is like a visit in totally different country than Poland. Among the Kaszuby region there is a Bory Tucholskie – forest which is also the national park and one of the Poles favorite tour destination.

  • Slowinski National Park
    Map of Poland - Slowinski National Park
    Slowinski National Park

    – National park which contains amazing coastal landscapes. The most unique land forms in the park are moving dunes and moraine hills. Museum of Countryside, Lighthouse in Czolpino and the Rowokol – the holy mountain of Kaszuby are the other places which are worth to be seen in Slowinski National Park.

  • Wolin Island
    Map of Poland - Wolin Island
    Wolin Island

    – It’s the biggest Polish island, placed in the north-west part of our country, very close to the boarder with Germany. On the island there are two bigger towns – Miedzyzdroje and Swinoujscie as also Wolin National Park and few popular watering places. Island has rich tourism offer which includes natural attractions, accommodation, restaurants and other service points as also beautiful coastal landscape.

Nazi Camps

  • Stutthof
    Map of Poland - Stutthof
    Stutthof Nazi Camp

    – Concentration Camp which was the first and the longest established Nazi extermination camp on the Polish territory. It was found in 2nd September 1939 and liquidated in 9th May 1945. During whole World War II it was a place of slave labor and extermination of about 65 thousand of people, especially Jews. Among Nazi camps, Stutthof was a place of the greatest torment of woman and children.

Architecture Monuments

  • Sopot Pier
    Map of Poland - Sopot Pier
    Sopot Pier

    – The longest wooden pier in Europe, it is over 500 meters long. This is an ideal places of family walks, but also many cultural events are organized here. Of course pier is not the only attraction of the wonderful town Sopot.

  • Malbork Castle
    Map of Poland - Malbork Castle
    Malbork Castle

    – It is one of the largest and best preserved gothic stronghold in the world. It is placed in Malbork town, about one hour away from Gdansk. Castle was built in the end of 13th century as a seat of Teutonic Knights Order and capital city of Order’s State.

Others

  • Kamien Pomorski
    Map of Poland - Kamien Pomorski
    Kamien Pomorski

    – idyllic coastal town, full of interesting monuments, by famous especially as one of the best spa resorts in Poland. Healthy sea air and well prepared health centers offers many treatments especially for people with heart and ling diseases but also with walking problems.

  • Alied Cemetery in Malbork
    Map of Poland - Alied Cemetery
    Alied Cemetery in Malbork

    – Commonwealth War Cemetery in Malbork is a burial place of 252 allied soldiers who died in nearby POW camp – Stalag Marienburg Willenberg XX B. We can find here a graves of soldiers from Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zeland

South-West Poland Map


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South-West Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

South-West Poland

Cities and towns read more »

  • Wroclaw
    Map of Poland - Wroclaw

    – Those who visited Wroclaw often say, that is the most charming city in Poland. Placed on the riverside of the Oder River with mutual Polish and German history – the capital of Lower Silesia can absorb and admire anyone.

  • Opole
    Map of Poland - Opole

    – First mentions about settlement on this area came from 9th century. Opole has a city rights since 1217 what means, that it’s the 3rd oldest city in Poland. Thanks to rich history it can be proud of amazing medieval monuments. Opole is also a capital of Opolskie region, important cultural, educational and tourism center.

  • Legnica
    Map of Poland - Legnica

    – The city is often called “the warmest one in Poland” but it contests for this name with few other towns of Lower Silesia. It is also famous by dramatic theatre from which derive many great Polish actors, amazing park called “The Pearl of Legnica” and few international cultural events which have place here every year.

  • Zlotoryja
    Map of Poland - Zlotoryja

    – In medieval it was very rich town, gold mining and trade center of the region. It has city rights since about 1210 so it’s the oldest city in Poland. Nowadays former glory has passed, but town is still full of magnificent architecture monuments from the early medieval.

  • Karpacz
    Map of Poland - Karpacz

    – small town placed at the foot of Sniezka mountain, ideal base camp for hiking in Karkonosze mountain range. This idyllic town is famous especially thanks to one of its kind Wang Church – wooden temple transported in pieces from Vang village in Norway in 1842, erected without using nails. Karpacz is surrounded by many hiking trials, we can also find some ski slopes in the area.

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  • Karkonosze National Park
    Map of Poland - Karkonosze National Park
    Karkonosze National Park

    – The park is placed in south-west of Poland, near the border with Czech Republic. Karkonosze’s landscapes belong to the most unique and breath-taking. Amazing waterfalls, forests and low mountains are beautiful especially during winter.

Nazi Camps read more »

  • Gross Rosen Nazi Camp
    Map of Poland - Gross Rosen
    Gross Rosen

    – One of the camps with the hardest living conditions. It was built in 1940 at German territory as a labor camp for Poles, Russian political prisoners and members of resistance movement from France and other western countries. Prisoners was abused to work in German factories and “Reise” project – scooping the underground tunnels as a shelters and factories of weapon production in nearby mountains. In 1983 camp was turned into the museum which contains archives and some exhibits connected with extermination.

Architecture Monuments read more »

  • Ksiaz Castle
    Map of Poland - Ksiaz Castle
    Ksiaz Castle

    – This is the element of Piast Castles Trial, erected in the end of 13th century, the 3rd biggest castle in Poland. During ages it was loosing its medieval character. Today interiors and the shape are in baroque style. For great attention deserves nearby palm house, which presents hundreds of uncommon and exotic plants.

  • Grodziec Castle
    Map of Poland - Grodziec Castle
    Grodziec Castle

    – This early medieval stronghold was erected on the volcanic rock in 10th century that’s why it’s often called “the castle on the volcano”. For the ages it was the defensive fortress, very hard to capture because of its placement. It burned in 1945 and after partly reconstruction was opened for tourists. Today this is the place of knights brotherhoods meetings, knight’s tournaments and few interesting cultural events.

  • Czocha Castle
    Map of Poland - Czocha Castle
    Czocha Castle

    – The castle was erected in 1241–1247 but it had the greatest meaning during World War II. It was the seat of Nazi’s Intelligence Services – “Abwehra”. Events from that period are presented in Polish TV series “The Mystery of Cipher’s Fortress”. Amazing architecture and interior of the castle made that Czocha was also movie set for few other Polish and abroad directors.

Others read more »

  • Zloty Stok Gold Mine
    Map of Poland - Zloty Stok Gold Mine
    Zloty Stok Gold Mine

    – Gold mine in Zloty Stok village is one of the greatest attractions of Lower Silesia. First traces of mining works on this area came from prehistoric times (about 2000 BC). The greatest rise of gold mining was in 16th century. During centuries over 300 km of hafts and passages was hollowed. Today mine is opened for tourist and offers plenty of diverse attractions.

South-East Poland Map


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South-East Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

South-East Poland

Cities and Towns read more »

  • Krakow
    Map of Poland - Krakow

    – Probably the most famous and popular city in Poland, with the greatest amount of different tour attractions. Formerly the capital of our country, now the cultural and intellectual centre, the city will charm you with the people’s vitality and its vibrant night life.

  • Katowice
    Map of Poland - Katowice

    – The main center and capital of more than 2-million industrial agglomeration of Silesia. Because of its manufacturing character it isn’t the most attractive from the tourism point of view. However Katowice is the largest academic, cultural and entertainment center of the region and it has some places which can surprise those who expect only the view of dirty, workers city.

  • Rzeszow
    Map of Poland - Rzeszow

    – The town isn’t very attractive for the tourists but it’s important from the communication point of view thanks to its own Rzeszow-Jesionka Airport which connects east side of Poland with the rest of the Europe. However those who fly to Rzeszow and have to stay there for a day or two aren’t sentenced for a sit in the hotel room. There are some sights like a historical town hall or emperor’s castle which are worth see.

  • Zakopane
    Map of Poland - Zakopane

    – The capital of Polish Tatra Moutains, the best ski resort in Poland and one of the most unique places which you can find in our country. This is an ideal place for all of those who want to admire the beauty and romance of wild and unspoilt natural landscapes

  • Czestochowa
    Map of Poland - Czestochowa

    – Spiritual capital of Poland. From the centuries, this is a target of pilgrims masses. Thousands of worshippers come here every year to pray for blessing of St Mary. Many people believe, that the icon of Black Madonna (known also as The Blessed Virgin from Czestochowa) has a miraculous power which can heal and help faithful people with their problems.

Natural Attractions read more »

  • Tatra National Park

    – Park takes care over many endangered and rare species of animals and plants. In lower parts we can encounter on foxes, brown bears, lynx or golden eagles. Higher parts are settlements of marmots, mountain goats or spotted nutcrackers. Tatra National Park is one of the last places in Poland where we can find unspoiled nature.

  • Bieszczady National Park
    Map of Poland - Bieszczady National Park
    Lynx – Symbol
    of Bieszczady NP

    – It is truly magical place. We recommend it to anyone who want to get rest of civilization. The lonely hike trough small villages, hills, mountains, forests and other marvelous places is an adventure which can give you one of a kind sense of freedom and contact with unspoiled nature.

Nazi Camps read more »

  • Auschwitz – Birkenau Concentration Camp
    Map of Poland - Auschwitz
    Auschwitz Concentration Camp

    – The World’s most notorious place of genocide and mass grave. In 1940 – 1945 the Nazis killed about 1.5 million people there, mainly Jews but also Poles, Gypsies, Russian POWs and people of other nations. This is the place that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime… to remember.

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  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
    Map of Poland - Wieliczka
    Wieliczka Salt Mine

    – One of the oldest salt mines in the world, it also is one of the greatest examples of miner art. It’s no wonder that Wieliczka Salt Mine was inscribed to UNESCO World Heritage List – this place is totally unique. Underground we can find plenty of breathtaking salt sculptures, chambers and shafts which create one of its kind atmosphere. This is one of the most popular Polish sights and simply a must-see for all!

Water Attractions read more »

  • Dunajec River
    Map of Poland - Dunajec
    Dunajec Rafting

    – mountain river in southern Poland, which flows trough the Pieniny Mountain Range, among totally breathtaking monuments. Dunajec provides one of the most popular attractions of Poland – rafting, which is the great opportunity to relax in the open outdoor and marvel fantastic natural landscape.

  • Solina Lake and Dam
    Map of Poland - Solina
    Solina Lake & Dam

    – This is the artificial storage reservoir which occupies an area of 22 square kilometers. On Solina Lake there is the highest dam in Poland, which has almost 82 meters height. There is a Silence Area what means that using motorboats and other engines is not allowed. This is a dreamed place for anglers due to great amount of fishes. If you’re looking for very peaceful place, where you can rest in open outdoor, Solina Lake would be ideal.

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  • Krynica Zdroj
    Map of Poland - Krynica
    Krynica Zdroj

    – probably the most popular Spa Town in Poland. In every corner of this town you can feel relaxing atmosphere of health resort. You should visit Old Spring House and pump room to try healthy natural, mineral water of Krynica. Walk around the town is very pleasant and peaceful experience.

  • Wadowice
    Map of Poland - Wadowice

    – John Paul’s II birth place. This small town attracting with unique atmosphere. In Wadowice we can see house, where John Paul II was born – nowadays is a Pope’s Museum, Monastery of Discalced Carmelites, John Paul II plaza – main square of the town with beautiful tenement houses. While you’re here, you have to taste famous fondants, Pope’s favorite cookies.

  • Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
    Map of Poland - Kalwaria
    Kalwaria Zbrzydowska

    – next to Czestochowa, Kalwaria with St Mary’s Sanctuary is the main place of Marian and Christ’s Passion’s cults. Also this place is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. Beautiful basilica is attracting many tourists. In here it’s worth to see pilgrim’s paths which commemorate a Way of the Cross and history of Holy Virgin’s live.

North-East Poland Map


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North-East Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

Cities and towns read more »

  • Olsztyn
    Map of Poland - Olsztyn

    – The biggest city of Masuria region and the only piece of bigger urbanization in the area. It’s important tourism center and very good base camp for journeys around the Land of the great lakes. If you don’t want to completely leave the civilization but to marvel a piece of famous Masuria district, Olsztyn will be the best place to stay.

  • Mragowo
    Map of Poland - Mragowo

    – One of the most famous and popular towns of Masuria region, thank to Country Music Festival which take place there every year. It is placed on the shore of Czos Lake in the middle of Masuria. This is a small town, with population of about 25 thousand inhabitants, but it contains a lot of attraction.

  • Wegorzewo
    Map of Poland - Wegorzewo

    – Small, perfectly situated town, which is dreamed place for those who want to cut themselves off civilization for a while. Situated near the border with Russia Kaliningrad Oblast, surrounded by Masuria lakes, including Mamry, second biggest lake in Poland. Town has one of the best preserved 14th century Teutonic Order’s castle. It’s also famous of organized every year since 1991 rock music festivals, which hosted the greatest rock and heavy metal stars from all over the World.

  • Augostow
    Map of Poland - Augustow

    – Idyllic town Augustow was often an inspiration for poets and musicians. Famous pier is ideal place for romantic strolls. If you heard about Augustow before and you’d like to feel the unique atmosphere of this town, don’t think twice. The town is also one of the favorite places of all water sports maniacs.

  • Bialystok
    Map of Poland - Bialystok

    – The capital of Podlaskie region and the biggest city among all above. It is placed near the borders with Belarus and Lithuania so from the centuries it was a settlement of people representing different cultures and religions. Today Bialystok has almost 300 thousand inhabitants and it’s one of the fastest developing cities in Poland.

Natural Attractions read more »

  • Bialowieza National Park
    Map of Poland - Bialowieza National Park
    Bialowieza National Park

    – The first in Poland and one of the firsts in Europe. Park takes care over the best preserved part of Bialowieza Wilderness – the last primary forest on our continent. This is one of the most diverse and probably most famous national park in Poland. It admires with the nature almost untouched by human hand. In Bialowsieski National Park there is the biggest bison herd. Those animals are strictly protected. Bison is a symbol of the park.

Architecture Monuments read more »

  • Wolf’s Liar
    Map of Poland - Wolf's Liar
    Wolf’s Liar

    – Hitler’s Hideout – Wolf’s Liar was a Hitler’s headquarters on the Eastern Front, during World War II. It’s placed about 30 km away from Wegorzewo. Unsuccessful assassination of Hitler known from the movie “Valkiria” had place here. Visit in Wolf’s Liar is a real treat for fans of military and history of World War II.

  • Boyen Fortress
    Map of Poland - Boyen Fortress
    Boyen Fortress

    – One of the most interesting remains of the past in Masuria. Boyen Fortress is 19th century’s stronghold built in Gizycko at the shores of Niegocin and Kisajno lakes, in the northern part of Masuria. Stronghold of Boyen have never bee captured. Fortress is a very attractive monument as also place, where a lot of cultural events have place every year.

Water Attractions read more »

  • Sniardwy Lake
    Map of Poland - Sniardwy Lake
    Sniardwy Lake

    – This is the biggest lake in Poland. Entire region of Masuria often called the land of great lakes, contains over 4 thousand natural water reservoir. The largest one occupies surface of over 113 square kilometers. Among the lakes of Masuria we can find many idyllic villages which offer accommodation and beautiful corners ideal for relaxation away from the crowded cities.

Others read more »

  • Grunwald Battlefield
    Map of Poland - Grunwald Battlefield
    Grunwald Battlefield

    – Visit in Masuria is a great opportunity to see the place of famous Battle for Grunwald. It is especially attractive on 15 July, when the anniversary of battle is celebrated. Knights brotherhoods and medieval history lovers come here every year to take part in staging. It’s really unique experience, to be a witness of medieval battle and hear the clank of swords and shields.

Central – East Poland Map


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Central-East Poland

central masuria greater silesia pomerania lesser

Cities and towns

  • Warsaw


    Capital city of Poland, seat of Polish authorities and one of the most important tour directions in our country. Essence of Poland, where the history mixes the modernity. Almost completely destroyed during the World War II, today it’s reconstructed to marvel and surprise all the visitors.

  • Lodz


    – The second biggest city in Poland. Interesting mixture of modern atmosphere and remains of 19th century industrial revolution. Old factories, sewing and warehouses create one of its kind space. Some consider that it’s ugly, but we think that it’s worth to visit Lodz to create your own opinion.

  • Lublin


    – The smallest amongst the biggest Polish cities and the biggest one at the right site of Vistula river. As a capital of Lubelskie region it’s important center of culture, education and tourism.

  • Sandomierz


    – Small, peaceful town, where live only 25 thousand inhabitants. Except of its size, Sandomierz is really attractive place, because of beautiful location at the banks of Vistula and historical, magnificent architecture.

  • Kielce


    – capital of Swietokrzyskie region which is famous of magnificent low mountains landscape. City can boast of long history and interesting architecture, however it’s quite underestimated from the tourism point of view.

  • Radom


    – city with quite bad opinion because of roads conditions and football club fans who aren’t the most friendly and cultural people of the World. However thanks to the long history, it get city rights in 13th century, we can find here many beautiful monuments of architecture.

  • Plock


    – One of the oldest cities in Poland. First settlement at this territory was founded in 9th century, city has a rights since 1237. For the greatest attention deserve such objects like amphitheatre, Prince’s Castle and numerous temples.

Natural Attractions

  • Kampinoski National Park
    Map of Poland - Kampinowski National Park
    Moose – Symbol
    of Kampinowski NP

    – Beautiful, natural asylum for all of those who want to escape from the crowded Warsaw. Placed near the capital of Poland it’s visited by about 1 million tourists every year. Park protects many unique spices of plants and animals. The symbol of the park is a moose.

  • Swietokrzyski National Park
    Poland Map - Swietokrzyski National Park
    Swietokrzyski National Park

    – It takes care over one of the most incredible natural landscapes in Poland. Swietokrzyskie is a region which includes low, rocky mountains and stone runs. Trough the park lead few tourism trials which let us to admire nearby villages with plenty of fantastic monuments and interesting corners.

  • “Bartek” Oak
    Map of Poland - Dab Bartek
    “Bartek” Oak

    – The most famous Polish natural monument, oak which is about 700 years old (Some say that it’s much older – about 1010 years old). It has over 13 meters of circumference and 30 meter height. There are plenty of legends and tales connected with this enormous tree. One of them says that king John III Sobieski hided in the hollow a matchlock, Turkish saber and the bottle of great wine. Maybe some of you will be able to find it…

Nazi Camps

  • Treblinka
    Map of Poland - Treblinka
    Monument of Treblinka Victims

    – former Nazi camp, near Poniatowo village, about 100 km away from Warsaw. It was founded in 1941 and divided for two parts – labor camp and extermination camp. Many noble people lost their lives there. Most famous is a teacher Janusz Korczak, who went to the gas chamber with his students convicted to death. With this camp is connected mysterious figure of Ivan the Terible from Treblinka.

  • Sobibor
    Map of Poland - Sobibor
    Sobibor Railway Station

    – It was an extermination camp, created to kill and remove corps of as much Jews as it was possible. Number of victims is estimated for about 250 thousand people. Camp became famous because of the rebellion which later was an inspiration for movie “Escape from Sobibor”, where the central role of lieutenant Peczerski – the leader of the uprising was played by Rutger Hauer.

  • Majdanek
    Map of Poland - Majdanek
    Majdanek Extermination Camp

    – Labor camp placed in Lublin’s district – Majdan Tatarski. Prisoners from the camp was abused to work at German factories. The number of victims was smaller than in Auschwitz or Belzec, but means of extermination were as cruel as everywhere or even worse. Executes by a firing squad was ordinary here. This is one of the best preserved Nazi concentration camps in Poland. The mission of museum in Majdanek is to tend memory and evolve education about German occupation in Poland.

Architecture Monuments

  • Kazimierz Dolny
    Map of Poland - Kazimierz Dolny
    Kazimierz Dolny

    – Entire town is an amazing architecture monument and it’s often called the town of artists. All buildings in Kazimierz Dolny are made with soft limestone. That’s why front elevations of everyone are simply the masterpieces of bas-relief. This kind of decors we can find only there. For great attention deserve also mysterious ruins of medieval castle.

Water Attractions

  • Jeziorsko Lake
    Map of Poland - Jeziorsko Lake
    Jeziorsko Lake

    – It’s an artificial lake and the storage reservoir which regulates the water level of Warta river. It’s the biggest waterbody of Lodzkie region and as a result it became popular among those who seek for the coolness during hot summer days. Nearby villages offer many accommodation points and all the attractions needed to have a nice stay on the lake.

Others

  • Zelazowa Wola
    Map of Poland - zelazowa wola
    Chopin’s Manor

    – It’s a small town, placed about 50 km from Warsaw which is famous of being Frederic Chopin’s birth place. During the visit in Zelazowa Wola we can sightsee the manor, where our famous pianist spent his childhood and where his extra ordinary talent appeared. During summer in the garden next to the manor there are piano concerts, where young, talented artists play the masterpieces of Chopin.

Polish Railroads

Polish Railroads

Polish Railroads are quite cheap and comfy but not the fastest way of traveling around Poland. Trains let us to reach every important place of our country, unfortunately they aren’t the most modern vehicles so those who decide to travel by train need to be very patient. 400 km journey, for example between Warsaw and Gdansk lasts about 6 hrs. In comparison with English or French Railroads, it’s quite long, but thankfully railroads in Poland are developing and now they offer comfortable and safe Intercity and Express Trains which makes that such travel isn’t the greatest torment anymore.

Polish Railroads - Intercity Train
InterCity Train – most modern and comfortable in Poland


Railroad Carriers in Poland:

To make our travel shorter and more comfy it’s good to know which railroad carrier we should choose. In Poland there are a few carriers which offer different trains and quality of service.

  • PKP Express Intercity

Polish Railroads - Intercity Train
Express Intercity

– carrier offers the fastest and most modern trains in Poland. Intercity connects only the biggest cities and stops only on the most important stations, that’s why journeys by EIC trains are shorter than by traditional fliers. Compartments has 6 seats, not 8 like in majority of Polish trains, so they are more spacious and comfortable. Every compartment is equipped with air conditioning, separated light over every seat and sockets. In the price of the ticket there is a free snack – biscuit with tea, coffee, water or juice to choose. Travelers can also use a service of restaurant car. EIC Ticket from Warsaw to Krakow costs about 130 zlotys for 2nd and 180 zlotys for 1st class.


  • Intercity TLK


Polish Railroads - TLK Train
Intercity TLK Train

– Intercity company offers also TLK (Tanie Linie Kolejowe – Cheap Rail Lines) Trains. TLKs are also quite fast, but they stop on more stations than EIC and the standard is much lower. TLK Fliers connects many Polish cities and runes very often. It offers also night trains with couchettes and sleeping cars, which are ideal solutions for those who want to travel by night. Both couchettes and sleeping cars are quite comfortable and safe, passengers close compartment’s doors from the inside and they are awakened by conductor 30 minutes before the train reaches its destination. Ticket prices for travel between Krakow and Warsaw are about 60 zlotys for 2nd and 90 zlotys for 1st class. Additional payment for night train is about 50 zlotys for couchette and 90 zlotys for sleeping car.


  • Interregio


Polish Railroads - Regio Train
Seats in InterRegio

– this carrier offers very cheap connections in the area of one region as also some Inter Regio fliers which connects most important cities. Regio and Inter Regio Trains are quite fast and very cheap but also extremely uncomfortable. 4 hours journey in the car without compartments, on hard, plastic seats is a real torture. Inter Regio Ticket from Warsaw to Krakow costs about 50 zlotys. There is only 2nd class in Regional Railways Trains.

  • Regional Train


Polish Railroad - PKP Train
PKP Train

– Traditional PKP (Polskie Koleje Panstwowe – Polish National Railroads) trains connects cities on short distances. There are many different kinds of trains offered by National Railroads, but most of them are old, low standard, without compartments and with other weak points. There is always very hot in the summer and… hotter in winter. When the heat in cars are turned on, there is hotter than in sauna. Traveling with Polish National Railroads is really hardcore experience.


  • EuroCity


Polish Railroads - Eurocity Train
Sleeping Car in Eurocity Train

– EuroCity are international, fast and modern trains, which offers easy and comfortable transport from Warsaw to Vienna and Villah in Austria, Prague in Czech Republic and Berlin in Germany as also from Krakow to Luneburg in Germany. Journey from Krakow to Luneberg lasts about 13 hrs.

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort

Bukowina Tatrzanska

Bukowina Tatrzanska is one of the highest situated towns in Poland and thanks to that placement it provides totally magnificent mountain views – you can admire from here the whole Tatra Mountain range.

Bukowina Ski Resort - Landscape of Bukowina
Landscape from Bukowina

From Zakopane you can reach it with a 30 minute ride, that’s why it’s very good for those who want to feel the essence of the Polish mountains, but prefer less rushed and cheaper places. Bukowina Tatrzanska is famous for its Mountaineer’s Carnival organized every winter.

Skiing in Bukowina Tatrzanska

During winter Bukowina Tatrzanska turns into one of the most popular ski resorts. Rich accommodation offers, many great slopes and lifts and the high mountains landscape will make sure you remember your holidays here forever. Skiing trials are prepared to satisfy needs of both rookies and experienced skiers. Many professional skiing schools make sure that the town is ideal place to begin your adventure with skis or a snowboard.

The Best Bukowina Tatrzanska Slopes & Lifts

Olczanski Wierch

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Olszanski Wierch
Olszanski Wierch

The biggest skiing complex in Bukowina Tatrzanska. All trials are illuminated, prepared by snowmobiles and artificially snowed when it’s necessary so you can expect the best skiing conditions. It provides 10 different lifts and trials with all difficulty levels.

Length: 400 meters
Difficulty lvl: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Address: Olczanski Wierch St.; Bukowina Tatrzanska
  • Pass Card for 10 rides – 10PLN

Wysoki Wierch

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Wysoki Wierch
Wysoki Wierch

Professional skiing station with well prepared, illuminated slopes and lifts. Skiing school, gastronomy point, equipment service and rental in the area. Slope is placed in the very heart of Bukowina, in the nearness of many pensions and hostels.

Length: 600 meters
Difficulty lvl: Beginners, Intermediate
Address: Lesna St. ; Bukowina Tatrzanska
  • Pass Card for 12 rides – 20PLN


Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Szymkowka

Polana Szymkowka provides 3 slopes with T-bar lifts, illuminated and artificially snowed when it’s necessary. We can find here trials for beginners as also more experienced skiers. In the area there is equipment rental and service point, we can use service of professional instructor and dine after skiing in gastronomy point.

Length: 700 meters
Difficulty lvl: Begginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Address: Polana Szymkowka; Bukowina Tatrzanska
  • Pass Card for 12 rides from 10 to 20PLN