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KL Auschwitz – Prisoners Belongings

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Prisoners Belongings Nazi Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp is more than immense grounds, original camp blocks, guard towers and barracks. It is also tens of thousands of objects of a special meaning which are: deportees personal possessions, prisoner items, camp items, items connected with the extermination along with the ss items.   Personal possesions of the […]

Auschwitz prisoners

KL Auschwitz – Prisoners

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About Auschwitz Prisoners Categories of prisoners Jews Before early 1942 the Nazis has deported a relatively small number of Jews to Auschwitz. Until mid-1942 the Poles had been the majority of the camp population with whom the first Jewish prisoners were transported. There were at least 21 Polish Jews among the first transport of more than […]

Auschwitz free eBook

Auschwitz free eBook

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Essentials of the Auschwitz – Free eBook Specially for you we have created a very informative Guide Book about Auschwitz-Birkenau. What can you find in it? History of KL Auschwitz Liberation of KL Auschwitz Interesting facts about Auschwitz Auschwitz escapes and survivors Memorial and Museum Auschwitz–Birkenau today What you can see and experience Reasons to […]

The Masurian Lakeland

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The Masurian Lakeland About: General information The Masurian Lakeland (or The Masurian Lake District) is a lake districts in northeastern Poland within the geographical region of Masuria. It contains more than 2,000 lakes and is elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The Lakeland extends roughly 290 km (180 mi) eastwards […]

Extermination Camps

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Extermination Camps What to know Wall of Death in Auschwitz Nazi’s Death Factories Extermination camps are gloomy remains of World War II. During those hard times, when Poland was under German occupation, Nazis built their death factories. Auschwitz, Belzec, Stuthoff and many other camps were places of torment for thousands of Jews, Poles, Gypsies and […]

Polish Museums

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Polish Museums About Polish Museums are the best attractions for all those interested in the history and heritage of visited country. In just one place you can find exhibits with many items that have witnessed the past. They can tell you a lot about history, traditions and national identity. You can find thousands of museums […]