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Wolin National Park

Wolin national park


Wolin National Park is located on the Wolin Island in the Baltic Sea, near the border with Germany. The easiest way to reach it is from the near sea harbour placed in Świnoujście, with a wide choice of accommodation options to choose from. The Wolin National Park has become the first maritime park in Poland because of the includison of the surrouning waters of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago of coastal islands to the protected zone.

Wolin national park

The landscape of the Wolin Island will satisfy even the most demanding tourists. It includes over-one-hundered-metres-high hills (Grzywacz – which is the highest – 116 m.a.s.l.) and the highest cliff shiore in Poland with 95 metres reach. In the center of the isalnd, you can find nine lakes, swamps on the south of the island, and the shore of the Baltic Sea with its apealling beaches and lidos. One of the most famous is in Międzyzdroje health restort. You can also find a few bicycle trails in the Wolin Island. It’s a perfect place for a “getaway”!

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