Polish Landscape

Polish Landscape

Polish Landscape

Diversity of Polish Landscape

Diversity of Polish Lanscape

The Polish landscape is very diverse due to the many elements that have formed it over millions of years. Volcanoes, glaciers, water and wind have created beautiful scenery across the whole of Poland, starting from the Mountains in the south through the central lowlands to the Lake District – Masuria and Baltic Sea – in the north.

The whole of southern Poland is covered by mountains and Bieszczady are the highlands in the south east of Poland which are probably the best place for those who enjoy hill walking in wild nature. This is the least populated part of Poland, which gives you more chance of meeting a bear than a person.

On the Mountain’s Top

Bear in Bieszczady

Tatra, this part of the Carpathian Mountains is the highest in central Europe, providing really alpine landscape. Inhabited by a small ethnic group called “the highlanders” (gorale) it gives you an unforgettable opportunity to get to know their customs and the way they keep their culture alive. You will be pleasantly surprised by their hospitality and openness.

The Sudeten Mountains is famous for their picturesque scenery and knightly tournaments organized in castles situated there.

Amongst Water and Greenery

Masuria - The Land of Great Lakes
Masuria – The Land of Great Lakes

The lowlands stretch over the whole of central and northern Poland. These are lands beautifully decorated by winding rivers and the unspoilt flora of National Parks.

Furthermore there are beautiful lakes and stretches of coastline in the north of Poland. The Masurian Lake District, this area has some of the most romantic landscapes in Poland. The magnificent lakes combined with old woods make you forget about everyday urban life.

The Baltic Sea shore stretches for over 300 km in the north of Poland and provides very diverse scenery, from wide sandy beaches to high rocky cliffs.

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