Lodz Attractions – Best attractions in Lodz

Lodz is very nice place for active repose. Both adults and children are able to find something funny and attractive. Among Lodz attractions you can encounter for a few totally unique places like one of the most extreme carousel in Europe or the largest graffiti in the World.

Lodz Natural Attractions

On the opposite sites of the city we can find two really interesting natural attractions. The first one is Las Lagiewnicki – probably the biggest forest in the world situated within city limits. It contains many nice hiking or cycling trials, small reservation with unique spices of plants and Artorowek Resort near the small lake which offers guarded watering place and equipment for water sports like canoes, water bicycles, boats and many more.

One of the ponds in Arturowek


Sled Track on Rudzka Mountain
Sled Track on Rudzka Mountain

In the southern part of Lodz there is the partly artificial mountain Rudzka. It’s the great place for anybody who want to try winter sports but have no time to visit Polish mountains. There are sled track, ski slope and small ski jump, in brief everything what is needed for satisfying, short ski break. At the foot of the Rudzka Mountain there is Bacowka restaurant which brings to mind original mountaineers architecture style. You can taste there great dishes of highlanders cuisine.

Best for: Nature lovers, those who enjoy peaceful and relaxing atmosphere as also active time in the open outdoor.

Lodz Aquapark Fala

Fala Aquapark Lodz
Mega-slides in Lodz Aquapark

The biggest and most modern aquapark in Poland. It offers plenty of water attractions inside and in open outdoor. The most incredible are artificial waves, wild river and two mega-slides. Doesn’t matter if you’re thrill seeker or you prefer more peaceful and relaxing time spending, in Fala Aquapark you can find something ideal for you. Gentle waves will soothe your nerves, in wild river you can test your strength and swimming skills, slides will lift your adrenaline level up and after all you can use also other attractions like jacuzzi, sauna or SPA.

Best for: Everyone!

The Largest Graffiti in the World

The biggest graffiti in the World
The biggest graffiti in the World

Lodz can boast of the largest graffiti in the World. This enormous painting is on the wall of tenement house at Piotrkowska Street. It has over 900 square meters. It was created by art group called Design Futura. To paint it they used 10000 cans of paint. The work went to the Guinness Book of Records.

Best for: Those who like curiosities and uncommon sights.

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