What To See In Lodz

what to see in lodz

This city is different

All about Lodz - Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street

Without any doubt Lodz adheres to the most original Polish cities. Unique architecture and atmosphere of Piotrkowska Street makes it really attractive for the tourists. There is no other such place so if you want to see something unusual you have to come here even for a while.

Admirable Piotrkowska Street

All about Lodz - Gallery of Great Lodz Inhabitants
Julian Tuwim Statue

There are a lot of sights and places that are worth to see while you’re in Lodz. The most important one is Piotrkowska Street which is the central street of the city and one of the most famous city centers in Poland. It’s surrounded by plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants so this is the best place to get fun or rest. You can also find here almost all important monuments of Lodz. For the biggest attention deserves Gallery of Great Lodz Inhabitants. Unique statues of Lodz artists, writers and other well-known people make real interesting impression.

Palace or a factory?

White Factory
White Factory

Probably the greatest Lodz monument is White Factory. This classical building brings to mind a kind of palace, so it’s really hard to believe that it was one of the most important industrial centers in Poland. Nowadays in White Factory we can admire exhibition of Central Museum of Textiles.

Don’t miss also…

White Factory is the most famous and impressive, but in Lodz you can find many more marvelous factories with unique architecture. You should also see the palaces of Cotton Kings and the biggest Jewish Cemetery in Europe. Lodz can be proud of great amount of interesting and totally unique sights.

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