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About Lodz

Where is Lodz

All about Lodz - Palace of Izrael Poznanski
Palace of Izrael Poznanski –
“The Cotton King”

Lodz is the third biggest city in Poland. It is placed in the middle of our territory near many important routs and railroad trials. The city is one of the most important industry center in Poland.

Lodz in the past

Lodz has city rights since 1423, but until 19th century it was just a small agricultural town. Then the meaning of this city started to grow because of the industrial revolution in Poland. The main branch of industry was textile factories which belonged to the rich Jewish families. That’s why Lodz is also connected with Jewish culture and tradition.

Lodz Today

All about Lodz - Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street

The greatest impression is always made by uncommon architecture of Lodz. Old manufactures looks more like courts or palaces. We can also admire manors of Cotton Kings and the biggest Jewish cemetery in Poland. Cultural and entertainment live in Lodz revolves around Piotrkowska Street – center and the most representative street of the city.

Strong Points: Unique architecture, marvelous Piotrkowsa Street with the amazing amount of entertainment places, interesting Jewish part of the city

Weak Points: Not many attractions outside Piotrkowska Street, crowded

Must-see for: Those who search for something different and unique.

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