Things To Do In Lodz

things to do in lodz

Totally unique

Lodz isn’t very popular among the tourists, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t attractive! Unique architecture, one of the most representative main streets in Poland, a few interesting natural attractions are only the most important advantages of this city. Of course there are cities in Poland friendlier and more absorbing for tourists, but we’re sure that visit in Lodz can be also unforgettable experience.

Nightlife in the center

Piotrkowska Street at Night
Piotrkowska Street at Night

If you want to spend some time in entertaining way Piotrkowska Street provides anything you need. Plenty of pubs and clubs will surely make a nightlife in Lodz pleasant adventure. If you want to get rest or enjoy some culture you may find something suitable as well. Chamber cafes and other interesting places tempt all of those who need a little peace.

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A little bit of nature

Las Lagiewnicki
Las Lagiewnicki

For those who want to feel the atmosphere of mountains but for some reasons they visited Lodz instead of Zakopane we have a good news. Artificial mountain Rudzka offers sled track, ski slope and jump, as also highlanders’ restaurant – Bacowka u Jozka, where you can try the tastes of Polish Tatra Mountains. If you prefer more peaceful way of open outdoor relax, Las Lagiewnicki which is the biggest forest within city limits in the World should be appropriate. This is ideal for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts.

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Water frenzy

Aquapark Fala
Aquapark Fala

Those who like water will surely appreciate Fala Aquapark – the biggest and most modern aquapark in Poland. Artificial waves,giant mega-slides, SPA, jacuzzi or wild river are only a few among hundreds of water attractions which guarantee great fun and relax for everyone.

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