Krakow Sights – Best sights in Krakow

Krakow Sights

Krakow Sights

The most popular tourism city in Poland offers unbelievable amount of breath-taking places that you have to see. Main Market Square, St. Mary’s Church or amazing Wawel Castle are the most important sights among many others. Below we present truly Krakow must-sees! Make sure that you won’t miss anyone.

Krakow Sight – Wawel

Krakow sights
Wawel Castle’s Courtyard

Despite the fact that almost 400 years ago ceased to be the official residence of Polish rulers, it is a special place that joins all the Poles. Wawel Royal Castle in the deepest sense is not only a place but an idea, the essence of Polish soil. From the very beginning the Wawel Castle was of great importance for Poles. Firstly, as a place from which the monarchs ruled their kingdom, later as the capital was moved to Warsaw, the castle remained the place of burials and coronation of kings, and after the loss of independence it has become the symbol of Polish tradition. Currently, the set of objects at Wawel Royal Castle, inscribed on the UNESCO list, is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Krakow, while it is still a living monument of Polish power.

Krakow Sight – Sigismund’s Bell

Krakow Sights
Sigmund’s Bell

It was named in honor of its founder Sigmund I the Old, and it is the most famous Polish bell.

Bell was made in 1520 by John Behama from Nuremberg, and it was hung on the tower on 9th July 1521. A place where it is hanging is called the Tower of Sigmund. Bell weighs 10,980 kg and only its heart 300kg. 8 to 10 people are needed to make it rings.

Krakow Sight – Barbican

Krakow Sights

It is a Gothic structure built between 1498-1499, located on the outside walls.

Barbican with its 3 meter thick walls was equipped with 7 towers and 130 shooting holes, and it was surrounded by a water-filled, wide moat.

Krakow Sight – St. Mary’s Church

Krakow Sights - St. Mary's Church
St. Mary’s Church

Another important monument is the famous St. Mary’s Church. It is known throughout the world and deserves to be called the greatest monument of Krakow. An important element in attracting tourists and admirers of art is unique altar, created by Veit Stoss. It is a masterpiece on a global scale, a relief from the late Gothic period. St. Mary’s Church was many times destroyed, and each time it was rebuilt from scratch by the citizens of Krakow. The church has two towers, one higher and the other slightly lower. Every hour from the tower echoes bugle-call. It is a ritual specific to the city and known for many years. You can tour the building, but it must be remembered that this is a holy place for Catholics who come there to pray in silence and concentration.

Krakow Sight – Main Market Square

Krakow Sights - Adam Mickiewicz Monument
Adam Mickiewicz Monument

On the main square and around it there are the most important sights of Krakow.The Cloth Hall, Town Hall, St. Mary’s Church, a monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the Holy Church of St. Adalbert and many historic houses. In addition, the market is known for the numerous pigeons, flower shops and lots of great Krakow restaurants. Main Square in Krakow is a place of rest for both local people and tourists, the place of personal and business meetings, the location of many events and entertainments. This is center, the heart of vibrant city life to very late hours.

Krakow Sight – Cloth Hall

Krakow Sights - Cloth Hall
Inside the Cloth Hall

The Cloth Hall are the central place in the main market square. They are example of rare medieval buildings that were meant for merchants thru centuries. Currently the first floor occupies the Polish Art Gallery, and the arcaded ground floor is occupied with numerous stalls with souvenir and handicraft products.

Krakow Sight – Florianska Gate

Krakow Sights - Florianska Gate
Florianska Gate

Florianska Gate is another unusual sight of Krakow some say the most worthy. It is situated at the end of one of the historic streets of Krakow, leading from the main market of the Old Town. It is dated from 14th century, as the majority of historic buildings of Krakow. Inside the gate there is an altar with a copy of the painting considered by the Poles to be miraculous. Florianska Gate neighbors with another interesting monument – the Barbican. They form the so-called walls of Krakow, that used to be fortifications of a length of three kilometers. Today, those walls no longer exist, leaving only the Gate and Barbican.

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  1. I was in Krakow last summer, perfect place to visit! A lot of attractions, both to visit and to relax and have fun. And the prices are very affordable. During my stay I also booked a trip to Auschwitz. Concentrations Camps were shocking.
    I hope it will remain a memorial for younger generations. Thank you for really good trip to Schindler’s Factory and Auschwitz. For me they are really important places when you visit Krakow.

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