Christmas Eve Dinner in Wroclaw

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Every dinner includes:

  • Beetroot soup
  • Christmas pierogi
  • Poppy seed cake
  • Winter compote

Try traditional Polish cuisine!

We offer a true Polish Christmas Eve dinner with all of the famous dishes!


We give you the best gift - something new, something unexpected, and something unique!


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What you will see

Your Menu:

  • Borscht 
  • served with mini-dumplings
  • stuffed with mushrooms
  • Dumplings
  • stuffed with cabbage and wild mushrooms
  • (served with vegetable salads)
  • Compote
  • made with smoked fruit
  • Poppy Seed Cake

Christmas Dinner in Wrocław

As a special treat for our travellers, Escape2Poland invites you to wigilia. This is a customary meal, with 12 dishes, served on Christmas Eve and shared with loved ones. We've chosen the best restaurants that provide good quality, traditional Polish cooking as the location. When you sit down before, you feel as if you are in a Polish farmhouse, decorated with popular folk and chicken motifs, barn and chickens clacking nearby.


As a primarily Catholic country, the majority of Poland enjoys the meal on Christmas Eve. It usually consists of borshch with mini-dumplings called uszka, wild mushroom soup, traditional pierogi with cabbage and wild mushrooms, fried carp, fish in gelatin (carp, trout, sturgeon, etc.), poppy seeds with noodles (for luck), and desserts such as apple pie or poppy seed cake, in Polish jabłecznik or makowiec, among a plethora of other dishes. To help all the food go down, a special kind of winter compote, made buy boiling smoked, dried fruit, is served along with modern day classics such as water, tea, juices and soda.


We hope you will feel like part of our family, that is why we are including a special discount on all beverages. Polish people treat guests like royalty, because as the saying goes - Gość w domu, Bóg w domu.

Barszcz Czerwony Barszcz Czerwony

Czerwony barszcz z uszkami

In most homes, wigilia begins with borscht. Beetroot is gaining popularity for its health benefits, confirming the tradition saying those who eat beetroot will live a long life and are beautiful.

Pierogi Pierogi


The standard of 12 dishes is attributed to numerology. The number twelve symbolizes wealth and Jesus' apostals. It is mandatory to try everything, including the delicious Polish dumplings with cabbage and wild mushrooms.

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