Szczecin Museums – Most interesting museums in Szczecin

Szczecin Museums
Szczecin Museums
Inside the Sea Museum

Szczecin is full of historical objects, so it’s not necessary to visit any museums to feel the atmosphere of the past. However if you really want to, there is a National Museum better known as the Sea Museum which contains such many exhibitions that almost everyone can find something what will interest him.

Szczecin National Museum

Seat of the museum is located at Waly Chrobrego. This is one of the most characteristic buildings of Szczecin. Even if you don’t want to sightsee the exhibition, you should pay attention on this building. It’s hard to miss it, as it’s the central object of the most popular place in the city.

Szczecin Museums
National Museum in Szczecin

In the museum we can find exhibitions connected with Navy, European Culture, Ethnography of Pomerania and numismatics. All of them contains thousand of magnificent exhibits. Also interior of the museum is worth to see. Built on the E letter plan, it has modernism design, and it makes really nice impression. At the first floor there is a seat of Modern Theater. It’s also worth to reach the top of viewing tower, from where we can admire breath-taking panorama of Szczeci.

Key Info

Location: Waly Chrobrego
Address: Waly Chrobrego no. 3, Szczecin
Opening hours:10am – 6pm; closed on Mondays
Entrance fees:Normal: 10 PLN; Students: 5 PLN

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