Warsaw Uprising Museum

The best museum in Warasaw

Warsaw Uprising Museum
Warsaw Uprising Museum

Warsaw can be proud of the greatest, most modern and interesting museums. For the biggest attention deserves Warsaw Uprising Museum – famous exhibition commemorates rising which had place in our capital in 1944. Founders faced the challenge of presenting the past in the way appropriate for modern receiver. Did they succeed? The numbers speak for themselves – during the first 5 years museum was visited by over 2,5 million people and this amount is still growing. Only in 2009 more than 500 thousand visitors saw the exhibition. Great popularity of Uprising Museum let us hope, that the memory about that glorious and tragic moments will survive.

Must-see for all!

Replica of plane
Replica of allied plane “Liberator”

Warsaw Uprising Museum was opened on 31st July 2004, one day before the 60th anniversary of uprising. It immediately became one of the most important museums in Poland and now it’s simply a must-see for all Warsaw visitors. This place mix modern technology with touching tale about fight and sacrifice for homeland. There are over 3 thousand exhibits, multimedia presentations and special décor which makes us to empathize with the feelings of people who took part in one of the most important historical events in Poland.

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