Where is Auschwitz?

auschwitz location

Auschwitz Location

Auschwitz Concentration Camp is located in the southern, Lesser Poland voivodeship in Poland.. The Nazis named the location as Konzentrationslager Auschwitz. It was  which consists of camps Auschwitz I, Aushwitz II (known as Birkenau), and Auschwitz III (destroyed).

The Auschwitz Museum and Memorial does not have a cafe. Bring water and snacks for your trip.

Google Map of Oświęcim, Poland

Top 3 cities with Auschwitz Tours

  1. Auschwitz Museum and Memorial is located about 70 km away from Krakow, making it an ideal short day trip. It is possible to take public trains and buses, however if you are tight on time it isn’t worth the savings. By ordering an Auschwitz tour you will save several hours. Numerous tour operators offer trips to Auschwitz and Birkenau in a comfortable, modern, and (air-conditioned in the summer) vehicles like our friends at Escape2Poland. If you go with Escape2Poland, be sure to bring water (or even a snack
  2. The capital city of Poland, Warsaw provides connections to Auschwitz, too. The day trip lasts a full day, travelling 315km in 4.5 hours to Auschwitz. Escape2Poland also offers an Auschwitz tour from Warsaw. Be sure to pack something to eat and drink.
  3. Due to the growth of international firm offices in Katowice, there is a significant increase in tour offers. The 40 km journey, leaves Katowice the closest city. The travel time is roughly an hour each way. Interested in taking a Auschwitz tour from Katowice?


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