Wroclaw Museums – Most interesting museums in Wroclaw

Wroclaw Museums

Wroclaw can be proud of two very original museums. Maybe they don’t make such amazing experience like Warsaw Uprising Museum or Schindler’s Factory in Krakow, so they won’t be interesting for every visitor, but those who like to widen their horizons, will be satisfied. However we believe that you don’t even expect how absorbing can be things which seems to be boring for a first glance.

Museum of Architecture

Wroclaw Architecture Museum
Seat of Architecture Museum

Museum of Architecture is an only such place in Poland. It’s situated in the historical church and monastery of Bernardines. Even only the seat of museum is incredible. This 15th century monument is really breath-taking.

Museum contains over 25 thousand exhibits – plans, maps, drawings, models, historical crafting tools and many other objects connected with architecture. There are also amazing old photos of historical buildings in Wroclaw. Main exhibitions of museum are Architecture of Early Medieval in Wroclaw, Artistic Crafting from 12th to 20th century and “Wroclaw – yesterday, today, tomorrow” – exhibition of city’s urban development. The most valuable exhibit in Architecture Museum in Wroclaw is the oldest stained glass window in Poland, which shows prophet Ezekiel.

Museum is full of unique medieval objects. If you’re an enthusiast of this historical period, this is a place for you. In addition Museum of Architecture is the best source of information about amazing capital of Lower Silesia!

Key Info

Location: 10 minutes walk from Main Square
Address: Bernardynska Street no. 5, Wroclaw
Opening hours:

11am – 4pm

Entrance fees:

Normal ticket: 10 PLN
Students ticket: 7 PLN
Museum is closed on Mondays


Museum of Post and Telecommunications

Wroclaw Museums
Seat of Telecommunication Museum

One of the most unique museums in Poland! You have never expected that history of Post or Telecommunications can be so interesting. The times before internet and cell phones seem to be magical or even legendary from our perspective. Do you want to know how people communicated before era of e-mails and short message services? Visit Museum of Post and Telecommunication and see it in flesh!

Museum contains six main exhibitions – “History of Polish Post“, “Signboards and Letter Boxes“, “Polish Stamps“, “Horse Post Vehicles“, “Telegraphs and Telephones” and “Radio and TV”. In our times all of that objects seem really weird. Museum shows us how fast technology is developing.

Wroclaw Museums
Historical Phone
in Telecommunication Museum

Visit in Museum of Post and Telecommunication can be one of a kind, incredible time travel. If you think that history of communication is boring, you’d be suprised! During your time in Wroclaw you have to find a moment to convince yourself about how magical can be old postcards, phones and other things which let people to stay in touch in the past.

Key Info

Location: 15 minutes walk from Main Square
Address: Krasinskiego Street no. 1, Wroclaw
Opening hours:

10am – 3pm

Entrance fees:

Normal ticket: 6 PLN
Students ticket: 5 PLN
Museum is closed on Tuesdays

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