Warsaw Museums – Most interesting museums in Warsaw

Warsaw Museums

In Warsaw we can find most interesting museums of Poland. Capital city takes care over historical heritage and culture, that’s why this institutions presents very high level. Among dozens of Warsaw museums, there are at least two, which are shining pearls among not only Polish, but also many European museums.

Old Trains Museum

Warsaw Museums - Old Train Museum
Old Train

Old Train Museum in Warsaw is a must-see if you are a fan of railroads history, technique or even if you were always dreaming about railway model in your childhood. It has been existing since 1931 and for all those years it’s collecting and renovating old trains.

Expect of ordinary models of old trains, museum has in its collection such attractions as an unique armored train from World War II period and Wagon-salon of Bierut which was in service for dignitaries of PRL.

Museum is located near the city centre in the old railway station which has also rich history, so if you want to feel the climate of historical ways of travelling, find out something about railways in Poland, see many interesting temporary expositions you have to find some time to visit Old Train Museum in Warsaw.

Key Info

Location: City Center
Address: Towarowa Street no. 1, Warsaw
Opening hours:

Monday: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Tue – Sun: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Entrance fees:

Normal ticket: 10PLN
Students ticket: 6PLN
Entrance is free on Mondays

Warsaw Uprising Museum

Warsaw Museums - Uprising Museum
Uprising Museum

Warsaw Uprising Museum is one of the most famous, modern and often visited museums in Poland. It was founded in 2004, in the 60th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising. Since that time it was visited by about 2,5 million visitors. Museum is also carrying out lessons about Polish World War II History for students from all types of schools. There are over 30 thousand exhibits, multimedia presentations and special décor which makes us to empathize with the feelings of people who took part in one of the most important historical events in Poland.

Warsaw Uprising Museum is divided for few parts, which let us to peer at all aspect of living in occupied Warsaw and fight against aggressor. We can find out how insurgents was printing their information posters and leaflets, how scouts post was functioning, what weapon was mainly used by Polish and German soldiers. Very interesting things are calendar cards, describing whole Uprising day by day, which can be collected by visitors during the sightseeing. The most touching place in the museum is a chamber with the letters from insurgents to their families, where people who was taking part in uprising write about their longing, fear and hope.

Warsaw Uprising Museum is one of the most important must-sees of our capital. Even if you’re not keen in history you will be amazed by modern exhibition and interior of this museum.

Key Info

Location: City Center
Address: Grzybowska Street no. 79, Warsaw
Opening hours:

Mon/Wen/Fri/Sat/Sun: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Thu: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Tue: Closed

Entrance fees:

Normal ticket: 7PLN
Students ticket: 5PLN
Entance is free on Sundays

Frederic Chopin Museum

Warsaw Museums - Frederic Chopin Museum
Frederic Chopin Museum

Frederic Chopin Museum in Warsaw is modern place, which uses the newest audiovisual technology. It is a place where we can peer at his life from birth, trough the most important moments in his life, first concerts, moving to Paris, to his death in 1849. During whole sightseeing of museum, music of Chopin accompanying us. If we want to contemplate his masterpieces in our own, we can get into the one of Plexiglas capsules and listen to it separated from the other visitors.

Frederic Chopin Museum is the most modern and one of the greatest Polish museums. This is an amazing place which commemorates amazing person.

Key Info

Location: Old Town
Address: Okolnik Street no. 1, Warsaw
Opening hours:

Tue-Sun: 12:00am – 8:00pm
Mon: Closed

Entrance fees:

Normal ticket: 22PLN
Students ticket: 13PLN
Entrnce is free on Tuesdays

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