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Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour

Why this tour & what you will see?

One great price for the guided tours of the two most vital sightseeing spots in Poland and UNESCO World Heritage Sites with a two-way transportation.

Select the Auschwitz & Salt Mine One Day Tour to explore two of the best places to visit from Krakow. Stop worrying and let us handle everything for you. We will pick you up, ensure safe and quick transfers, and give you the ultimate sightseeing experience with our knowledgeable and skilled guides. 

Save your time and money and choose this one-day tour to see the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp and Wieliczka Salt Mine visited and admired by over 3 mln people yearly. Similar only in terms of popularity and significance, these two places are of a completely distinctive character. In Auschwitz, you can pay homage to all those innocent killed by ruthless Nazis, see personal belongings and objects of everyday use, walk into gas chambers, and witness inhumane living conditions. Wieliczka Salt Mine, on the other hand, is very often regarded as a subterranean city made entirely of salt with beautiful chapels, lighted underground passages, and enormous sculptures. We are sure that after the tours, you will be coming back to Krakow fully satisfied with the truly unique experiences that no one can miss during their stay in Poland.

What you will see (all tour options)

Auschwitz Tour 

  • Main gate "Arbeit Macht Frei"
  • Objects of everyday use
  • Personal belongings
  • Gas chambers
  • Pictures of individual prisoners
  • Original documents
  • Crematoria
  • Original wooden barracks
  • Bathhouse
  • Watchtower

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

  • St. Kinga's Chapel
  • Underground passages
  • Salt chambers and sculptures
  • Mining tools & machines
  • Saline corridors & passages
  • Genuine saline lakes

What is included? (all tour options)

  • Two-way transportation 
  • Documentary screening (Auschwitz Tour)
  • Entry tickets
  • Headphones
  • Museum licensed English-speaking guide 
  • Free time after the tour (different for each tour option)
  • Transport insurance & all fees

Itinerary for the Comfort Tour

  • Pick up (around 7:30 a.m.)
    We pick you up from central Krakow hotels. Prepare for a 90-minute journey to Auschwitz Musem or a 30- to 45-minute journey to the salt mine (depending on the day).
  • Tour
    After arrival, you will meet your guide and begin your tour.
  • Free time (different for each tour option)​
  • Transfer via Krakow to the 2nd place (if possible, free time for a lunch)
  • Tour
    After arrival, you will meet your guide and begin your tour.
  • Free time (different for each tour option)
  • Drop off
    We take you back to Krakow so that you can spend the evening as you like.

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