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The guide was really knowledgeable about the subject and shared with us many thought-proving and educational stories. Even though this tour was truly harrowing, everything inside and outside is very well preserved and definitely worth seeing.


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I didn't expect to see a city almost entirely made of salt before I went below the ground in an elevator. There are some of the most amazing structures, art, and chapels all created out of salt.


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It took us 2 hours to explore the whole museum and we enjoyed every single minute we spent there. Like Krakow, Schindler's factory is filled with history. We read and listened to audio recordings and viewed the many pictures.


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Among many Krakow tours provided by Escape2Poland, my wife and I decided to book Schindler List Tour. We’re big fans of the Spielberg’s movie so the trip was right for us! We took many pics in the spots, where the movie was filmed.


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I visited Krakow this year again and I still find this city extremely charming and warm. I chose Escape2Poland because I saw the prices are much lower than from other travel agencies.


Tours in Krakow

Tours in Krakow

Roughly 15 million tourists yearly come to Lesser Poland to take advantage of Krakow tours. Over 750 years of diverse history has produced a multitude of must-visit alluring places drawing people from all corners of the world. Various travel providers aim to outdistance each other and offer quality tours in Krakow at a low price. Owing to this rivalry, the travellers planning a Krakow trip have got a plethora of offers to choose from. Nonetheless, the large number of attractions may loom large in one's mind while trying to select the right Kraków tours. One of the most prominent and common choice among tourists are Auschwitz Tour from Krakow and Krakow Salt Mine Tour available on our website. Thanks to Escape2Poland, customers can benefit from a broad collection of Krakow tours carefully selected by our seasoned travel experts to give you the best and most convenient experience possible.

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