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Before you visit

Where is the meeting point for the tour? down up

The meeting point for the Krakow Sightseeing Tour is at the main entrance to the Royal Hotel, located on 26 Gertrudy street.

How are we supposed to find the Royal Hotel? down up

The Royal Hotel is located in the southern portion of Old Town in Krakow, near the Wawel Castle.

How do we travel on the tour? down up

The Krakow Sightseeing Tour is on foot.

How long does tour? down up

The walking tour takes around two (2) hours. This depends on the group size and the walking abilities of the participants.

Are entrance fees included in the price? down up

The only site that requires paying an entrance fee is St. Mary's Basilica. Only the Premium Tour includes ticket prices.

Where do we go during the tour? down up

During the tour you get to see the most important sites in the Old Town of Krakow. Among the places you will see are: the Wawel Castle (Cathedral, Castle Ward, dragon statue), Franciscan Church, Planty Park, the university district, St. Mary's Basilica, Sukiennice (cloth hall). You will also have the opportunity to admire Krakow's unique architecture while walking through its enchanting streets.


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