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Communism Tour

Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the signs of communism are ever-present in all former Soviet states. In Poland, in Krakow specifically, Nowa Huta was a new neighbourhood, designed by the best Soviet urban planners. Within the city, steelworks, schools, apartments, and other buildings were constructed and they serve as an example of Soviet Renaissance Architecture. It is the perfect city, according to communist experts. But no one expected Nowa Huta to be the seat of heavy resistance to the Soviet state... On the Krakow Communism Tour, you will have a chance to travel in a genuine Trabant - the “foot soldier” of cars produced in East Germany from 1957 to 1990.

  • Nowa Huta - a centrally-planned Socialist district
  • The Soviet Renaissance style
  • Central Square
  • Residential unitsh
  • Steelworks' headquarters
  • Soviet tank
  • Lord's Ark church
  • Communist restaurant
  • Pick up
    The guide will pick you up in a vintage Trabant car. If you have any requests regarding the time of the tour, please make a note in your booking.

  • A Hard Days Work
    Explore the steelworks headquarters which the city was founded around. The labor force needed nearby homes. See a Soviet tank, central square, and more!

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is
    You will see the centrally-planned perfect Communist city. Learn about home life, living conditions, and how Catholic Poles managed to continue their worship.

  • Drop off
    With the winds blowing in the right direction, the Trabi will take you back to your central Krakow meeting point.

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Both the tour driver and the tour guide were excellent. We are very happy with everything and would not hesitate to recommend the tour.


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Excellent , it's a must!


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Loved the organisation


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No improvemets necessary. Pick up on time. Guide excellent.


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