Extermination camps

Amon Goeth – Butcher from Plaszow Camp

Amon Goeth was one of the most cruel Nazi criminals during World War II. He joined SS forces when he was only 22. It was the beginning of his “carrier”. He became famous as a commandant of Plaszow extermination camp. The best description of that beast are words of Jew who survived thank to Oscar Schindler. He said: “When you see Goeth, you see death!”.

Goeth liked to kill prisoners personally. He didn’t need a reason to shoot a man. He was practicing his shooting skills by firing to the prisoners with the sniper rifle. He often ordered executions by firing squad of whole prisoners commands when he found a food from outside the camp. During 2 years in Plaszow camp he killed with his own hands about 500 prisoners and he was responsible for a death of thousands.

In 1944 Amon Goeth get arrested by German government for a tax frauds, but they released him because of disease. He went to the sanatorium, where he was captured by US Soldiers, when the war reached the end. American authorities hand him to Poland, where after the lawsuit he was hanged. His last words before the death were “Heil Hitler!”. He stayed evil and cruel sadist to the end.

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