Extermination camps

Gross Rosen Concentration Camp

Gross Rosen Concentration Camp

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About Gross Rosen Concentration Camp

Gross Rosen is Nazi concentration camp founded in 1940, near the Rogoznica village. During war those territories belonged to Germany. Nowadays it lays in Polish province Lower Silesia. Gross Rosen was first of all a labor camp. Among the prisoners there wasn’t many Jews. Poles belonged to the largest groups of prisoners, but there was also many Soviet Political Prisoners and participants of resistance movement from the Western Europe, especially France and Nederland.

Some prisoners, especially Soviets were killed immediately after settling in the camp. Other people was abused for inhuman labor in German companies as also in “Reise” project – scooping the underground tunnels as a shelters and factories of weapon production in Gory Sowie (Owl Mountains). Labor was extremely exhausting, food rations very low. Guards were torturing and killing prisoners without any reasons. Gross Rosen was one of the camps with the hardest living conditions. Number of victims is estimated for about 40 thousand people.

In 1983 there was founded a Gross Rosen Museum. Thank to museum’s authorities it was able to determine the identity of about 50 percent prisoners. Some of camp’s building were reconstructed. Museum contains archives and some exhibits connected with extermination.

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