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Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort

Bukowina tatrzanska ski resort

Bukowina Tatrzanska

Bukowina Tatrzanska is one of the highest situated towns in Poland and thanks to that placement it provides totally magnificent mountain views – you can admire from here the whole Tatra Mountain range.

Landscape from Bukowina

From Zakopane you can reach it with a 30 minute ride, that’s why it’s very good for those who want to feel the essence of the Polish mountains, but prefer less rushed and cheaper places. Bukowina Tatrzanska is famous for its Mountaineer’s Carnival organized every winter.

Skiing in Bukowina Tatrzanska

During winter Bukowina Tatrzanska turns into one of the most popular ski resorts. Rich accommodation offers, many great slopes and lifts and the high mountains landscape will make sure you remember your holidays here forever. Skiing trials are prepared to satisfy needs of both rookies and experienced skiers. Many professional skiing schools make sure that the town is ideal place to begin your adventure with skis or a snowboard.

The Best Bukowina Tatrzanska Slopes & Lifts

Olczanski Wierch

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Olszanski Wierch
Olszanski Wierch

The biggest skiing complex in Bukowina Tatrzanska. All trials are illuminated, prepared by snowmobiles and artificially snowed when it’s necessary so you can expect the best skiing conditions. It provides 10 different lifts and trials with all difficulty levels.

Length: 400 meters
Difficulty lvl: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Address: Olczanski Wierch St.; Bukowina Tatrzanska

  • Pass Card for 10 rides – 10PLN

Wysoki Wierch

Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Wysoki Wierch
Wysoki Wierch

Professional skiing station with well prepared, illuminated slopes and lifts. Skiing school, gastronomy point, equipment service and rental in the area. Slope is placed in the very heart of Bukowina, in the nearness of many pensions and hostels.

Length: 600 meters
Difficulty lvl: Beginners, Intermediate
Address: Lesna St. ; Bukowina Tatrzanska

  • Pass Card for 12 rides – 20PLN


Bukowina Tatrzanska Ski Resort - Szymkowka

Polana Szymkowka provides 3 slopes with T-bar lifts, illuminated and artificially snowed when it’s necessary. We can find here trials for beginners as also more experienced skiers. In the area there is equipment rental and service point, we can use service of professional instructor and dine after skiing in gastronomy point.

Length: 700 meters
Difficulty lvl: Begginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Address: Polana Szymkowka; Bukowina Tatrzanska

  • Pass Card for 12 rides from 10 to 20PLN

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