Polish Railroads

Polish Railroads - Intercity Train

Polish Railroads

Polish Railroads are quite cheap and comfy but not the fastest way of traveling around Poland. Trains let us to reach every important place of our country, unfortunately they aren’t the most modern vehicles so those who decide to travel by train need to be very patient. 400 km journey, for example between Warsaw and Gdansk lasts about 6 hrs. In comparison with English or French Railroads, it’s quite long, but thankfully railroads in Poland are developing and now they offer comfortable and safe Intercity and Express Trains which makes that such travel isn’t the greatest torment anymore.

Polish Railroads - Intercity Train
InterCity Train – most modern and comfortable in Poland


Railroad Carriers in Poland:

To make our travel shorter and more comfy it’s good to know which railroad carrier we should choose. In Poland there are a few carriers which offer different trains and quality of service.

  • PKP Express Intercity

Polish Railroads - Intercity Train
Express Intercity

– carrier offers the fastest and most modern trains in Poland. Intercity connects only the biggest cities and stops only on the most important stations, that’s why journeys by EIC trains are shorter than by traditional fliers. Compartments has 6 seats, not 8 like in majority of Polish trains, so they are more spacious and comfortable. Every compartment is equipped with air conditioning, separated light over every seat and sockets. In the price of the ticket there is a free snack – biscuit with tea, coffee, water or juice to choose. Travelers can also use a service of restaurant car. EIC Ticket from Warsaw to Krakow costs about 130 zlotys for 2nd and 180 zlotys for 1st class.


  • Intercity TLK


Polish Railroads - TLK Train
Intercity TLK Train

– Intercity company offers also TLK (Tanie Linie Kolejowe – Cheap Rail Lines) Trains. TLKs are also quite fast, but they stop on more stations than EIC and the standard is much lower. TLK Fliers connects many Polish cities and runes very often. It offers also night trains with couchettes and sleeping cars, which are ideal solutions for those who want to travel by night. Both couchettes and sleeping cars are quite comfortable and safe, passengers close compartment’s doors from the inside and they are awakened by conductor 30 minutes before the train reaches its destination. Ticket prices for travel between Krakow and Warsaw are about 60 zlotys for 2nd and 90 zlotys for 1st class. Additional payment for night train is about 50 zlotys for couchette and 90 zlotys for sleeping car.


  • Interregio


Polish Railroads - Regio Train
Seats in InterRegio

– this carrier offers very cheap connections in the area of one region as also some Inter Regio fliers which connects most important cities. Regio and Inter Regio Trains are quite fast and very cheap but also extremely uncomfortable. 4 hours journey in the car without compartments, on hard, plastic seats is a real torture. Inter Regio Ticket from Warsaw to Krakow costs about 50 zlotys. There is only 2nd class in Regional Railways Trains.

  • Regional Train


Polish Railroad - PKP Train
PKP Train

– Traditional PKP (Polskie Koleje Panstwowe – Polish National Railroads) trains connects cities on short distances. There are many different kinds of trains offered by National Railroads, but most of them are old, low standard, without compartments and with other weak points. There is always very hot in the summer and… hotter in winter. When the heat in cars are turned on, there is hotter than in sauna. Traveling with Polish National Railroads is really hardcore experience.


  • EuroCity


Polish Railroads - Eurocity Train
Sleeping Car in Eurocity Train

– EuroCity are international, fast and modern trains, which offers easy and comfortable transport from Warsaw to Vienna and Villah in Austria, Prague in Czech Republic and Berlin in Germany as also from Krakow to Luneburg in Germany. Journey from Krakow to Luneberg lasts about 13 hrs.

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