Central East Poland Map

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Cities and towns

  • Warsaw


    Capital city of Poland, seat of Polish authorities and one of the most important tour directions in our country. Essence of Poland, where the history mixes the modernity. Almost completely destroyed during the World War II, today it’s reconstructed to marvel and surprise all the visitors.

  • Lodz


    – The second biggest city in Poland. Interesting mixture of modern atmosphere and remains of 19th century industrial revolution. Old factories, sewing and warehouses create one of its kind space. Some consider that it’s ugly, but we think that it’s worth to visit Lodz to create your own opinion.

  • Lublin


    – The smallest amongst the biggest Polish cities and the biggest one at the right site of Vistula river. As a capital of Lubelskie region it’s important center of culture, education and tourism.

  • Sandomierz


    – Small, peaceful town, where live only 25 thousand inhabitants. Except of its size, Sandomierz is really attractive place, because of beautiful location at the banks of Vistula and historical, magnificent architecture.

  • Kielce


    – capital of Swietokrzyskie region which is famous of magnificent low mountains landscape. City can boast of long history and interesting architecture, however it’s quite underestimated from the tourism point of view.

  • Radom


    – city with quite bad opinion because of roads conditions and football club fans who aren’t the most friendly and cultural people of the World. However thanks to the long history, it get city rights in 13th century, we can find here many beautiful monuments of architecture.

  • Plock


    – One of the oldest cities in Poland. First settlement at this territory was founded in 9th century, city has a rights since 1237. For the greatest attention deserve such objects like amphitheatre, Prince’s Castle and numerous temples.

Natural Attractions

  • Kampinoski National Park
    Map of Poland - Kampinowski National Park
    Moose – Symbol
    of Kampinowski NP

    – Beautiful, natural asylum for all of those who want to escape from the crowded Warsaw. Placed near the capital of Poland it’s visited by about 1 million tourists every year. Park protects many unique spices of plants and animals. The symbol of the park is a moose.

  • Swietokrzyski National Park
    Poland Map - Swietokrzyski National Park
    Swietokrzyski National Park

    – It takes care over one of the most incredible natural landscapes in Poland. Swietokrzyskie is a region which includes low, rocky mountains and stone runs. Trough the park lead few tourism trials which let us to admire nearby villages with plenty of fantastic monuments and interesting corners.

  • “Bartek” Oak
    Map of Poland - Dab Bartek
    “Bartek” Oak

    – The most famous Polish natural monument, oak which is about 700 years old (Some say that it’s much older – about 1010 years old). It has over 13 meters of circumference and 30 meter height. There are plenty of legends and tales connected with this enormous tree. One of them says that king John III Sobieski hided in the hollow a matchlock, Turkish saber and the bottle of great wine. Maybe some of you will be able to find it…

Nazi Camps

  • Treblinka
    Map of Poland - Treblinka
    Monument of Treblinka Victims

    – former Nazi camp, near Poniatowo village, about 100 km away from Warsaw. It was founded in 1941 and divided for two parts – labor camp and extermination camp. Many noble people lost their lives there. Most famous is a teacher Janusz Korczak, who went to the gas chamber with his students convicted to death. With this camp is connected mysterious figure of Ivan the Terible from Treblinka.

  • Sobibor
    Map of Poland - Sobibor
    Sobibor Railway Station

    – It was an extermination camp, created to kill and remove corps of as much Jews as it was possible. Number of victims is estimated for about 250 thousand people. Camp became famous because of the rebellion which later was an inspiration for movie “Escape from Sobibor”, where the central role of lieutenant Peczerski – the leader of the uprising was played by Rutger Hauer.

  • Majdanek
    Map of Poland - Majdanek
    Majdanek Extermination Camp

    – Labor camp placed in Lublin’s district – Majdan Tatarski. Prisoners from the camp was abused to work at German factories. The number of victims was smaller than in Auschwitz or Belzec, but means of extermination were as cruel as everywhere or even worse. Executes by a firing squad was ordinary here. This is one of the best preserved Nazi concentration camps in Poland. The mission of museum in Majdanek is to tend memory and evolve education about German occupation in Poland.

Architecture Monuments

  • Kazimierz Dolny
    Map of Poland - Kazimierz Dolny
    Kazimierz Dolny

    – Entire town is an amazing architecture monument and it’s often called the town of artists. All buildings in Kazimierz Dolny are made with soft limestone. That’s why front elevations of everyone are simply the masterpieces of bas-relief. This kind of decors we can find only there. For great attention deserve also mysterious ruins of medieval castle.

Water Attractions

  • Jeziorsko Lake
    Map of Poland - Jeziorsko Lake
    Jeziorsko Lake

    – It’s an artificial lake and the storage reservoir which regulates the water level of Warta river. It’s the biggest waterbody of Lodzkie region and as a result it became popular among those who seek for the coolness during hot summer days. Nearby villages offer many accommodation points and all the attractions needed to have a nice stay on the lake.

Others

  • Zelazowa Wola
    Map of Poland - zelazowa wola
    Chopin’s Manor

    – It’s a small town, placed about 50 km from Warsaw which is famous of being Frederic Chopin’s birth place. During the visit in Zelazowa Wola we can sightsee the manor, where our famous pianist spent his childhood and where his extra ordinary talent appeared. During summer in the garden next to the manor there are piano concerts, where young, talented artists play the masterpieces of Chopin.

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