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South-West Poland

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  • Wroclaw
    Map of Poland - Wroclaw

    – Those who visited Wroclaw often say, that is the most charming city in Poland. Placed on the riverside of the Oder River with mutual Polish and German history – the capital of Lower Silesia can absorb and admire anyone.

  • Opole
    Map of Poland - Opole

    – First mentions about settlement on this area came from 9th century. Opole has a city rights since 1217 what means, that it’s the 3rd oldest city in Poland. Thanks to rich history it can be proud of amazing medieval monuments. Opole is also a capital of Opolskie region, important cultural, educational and tourism center.

  • Legnica
    Map of Poland - Legnica

    – The city is often called “the warmest one in Poland” but it contests for this name with few other towns of Lower Silesia. It is also famous by dramatic theatre from which derive many great Polish actors, amazing park called “The Pearl of Legnica” and few international cultural events which have place here every year.

  • Zlotoryja
    Map of Poland - Zlotoryja

    – In medieval it was very rich town, gold mining and trade center of the region. It has city rights since about 1210 so it’s the oldest city in Poland. Nowadays former glory has passed, but town is still full of magnificent architecture monuments from the early medieval.

  • Karpacz
    Map of Poland - Karpacz

    – small town placed at the foot of Sniezka mountain, ideal base camp for hiking in Karkonosze mountain range. This idyllic town is famous especially thanks to one of its kind Wang Church – wooden temple transported in pieces from Vang village in Norway in 1842, erected without using nails. Karpacz is surrounded by many hiking trials, we can also find some ski slopes in the area.

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  • Karkonosze National Park
    Map of Poland - Karkonosze National Park
    Karkonosze National Park

    – The park is placed in south-west of Poland, near the border with Czech Republic. Karkonosze’s landscapes belong to the most unique and breath-taking. Amazing waterfalls, forests and low mountains are beautiful especially during winter.

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  • Gross Rosen Nazi Camp
    Map of Poland - Gross Rosen
    Gross Rosen

    – One of the camps with the hardest living conditions. It was built in 1940 at German territory as a labor camp for Poles, Russian political prisoners and members of resistance movement from France and other western countries. Prisoners was abused to work in German factories and “Reise” project – scooping the underground tunnels as a shelters and factories of weapon production in nearby mountains. In 1983 camp was turned into the museum which contains archives and some exhibits connected with extermination.

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  • Ksiaz Castle
    Map of Poland - Ksiaz Castle
    Ksiaz Castle

    – This is the element of Piast Castles Trial, erected in the end of 13th century, the 3rd biggest castle in Poland. During ages it was loosing its medieval character. Today interiors and the shape are in baroque style. For great attention deserves nearby palm house, which presents hundreds of uncommon and exotic plants.

  • Grodziec Castle
    Map of Poland - Grodziec Castle
    Grodziec Castle

    – This early medieval stronghold was erected on the volcanic rock in 10th century that’s why it’s often called “the castle on the volcano”. For the ages it was the defensive fortress, very hard to capture because of its placement. It burned in 1945 and after partly reconstruction was opened for tourists. Today this is the place of knights brotherhoods meetings, knight’s tournaments and few interesting cultural events.

  • Czocha Castle
    Map of Poland - Czocha Castle
    Czocha Castle

    – The castle was erected in 1241–1247 but it had the greatest meaning during World War II. It was the seat of Nazi’s Intelligence Services – “Abwehra”. Events from that period are presented in Polish TV series “The Mystery of Cipher’s Fortress”. Amazing architecture and interior of the castle made that Czocha was also movie set for few other Polish and abroad directors.

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  • Zloty Stok Gold Mine
    Map of Poland - Zloty Stok Gold Mine
    Zloty Stok Gold Mine

    – Gold mine in Zloty Stok village is one of the greatest attractions of Lower Silesia. First traces of mining works on this area came from prehistoric times (about 2000 BC). The greatest rise of gold mining was in 16th century. During centuries over 300 km of hafts and passages was hollowed. Today mine is opened for tourist and offers plenty of diverse attractions.

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