Central – West Poland Map

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Cities and towns

  • Poznan
    Map of Poland - Poznan

    – Capital city of Greater Poland is one of the oldest and most charming Polish cities. A long and complicated history of the city left behind really marvelous monuments of architecture. Poznan is also a green city, there are a lot of parks and gardens where we can get rest from the noise and rush.

  • Bydgoszcz
    Map of Poland - Bydgoszcz

    – In northern part of Poland, among rivers and greenery, there is a beautiful city, characteristic because of very diverse landscape. In this city we can find “Small Venice”, canal connecting basins of two greatest Polish rivers and many uncommon sights.

  • Zielona Gora
    Map of Poland - Zielona Gora
    Zielona Gora

    – Underestimated by tourists, but really beautiful city in the western part of Poland. During World War II the city belonged to German territory, so damages were smaller than in other cities. That’s why Zielona Gora kept it’s unique character and historical atmosphere. Today it’s not big but shining pearl amongst other cities of western Poland.

  • Gniezno
    Map of Poland - Gniezno

    – The first capital of Polish Kingdom, place of Polish Baptism and probably most important historical city in our country. For the greatest attention deserves Cathedral’s Gate with beautiful relief presents the story of saint martyr Adalbert of Prague but there are a lot more magnificent monuments.

  • Torun
    Map of Poland - Torun

    – Rich history and one of the most beautiful old towns among other Polish cities. Thanks to location at the Vistula bank Torun was important trade center in medieval. Today it’s significant cultural and educational center. Torun old town is on the UNESCO Global Heritage List as also 7 Polish Miracles List.

Natural Attractions

  • Wielkopolski National Park
    Map of Poland - Wielkopolski National Park
    Wielkopolski National Park

    – The park contains one of the most unique ecosystems in this part of Europe. On its territory we can encounter on many unusual animals and plants, but also interesting land forms, beautiful lakes and historical monuments like Castle of Potocka.

  • Ujscie Warty National Park
    Map of Poland - Ujscie Warty National Park
    Ujscie Warty
    National Park

    – The park is located on the estuary of Warta river. It’s the newest among Polish national parks. It was established in 2001. The park can be proud of over 245 spices of birds with over 26 which are threatened with extinction. This is an ideal place of hiking and nature lovers.

Nazi Camps

  • Kulmhoff Nazi Camp
    Map of Poland - Kulmhoff
    Kulmhoff Extermination Camp

    – The camp was founded in 1941 and in contrast to other camps, which were using prisoners for a slave labour, Kulmhoff was strictly an extermination camp. Amongst over 300 thousand prisoners, survived only 4 people who escaped. Most victims were murdered immediately after transport. Kulmhoff was really death factory. Today n the territory of former extermination camp there is a small museum, wall of memory and the great monument with relief showing the martyrdom of Kulmhof.

Architecture Monuments

  • Biskupin
    Map of Poland - Biskupin

    – open-air museum which presents reconstructed settlement from the bronze époque. First traces of human activity on this territory came from about 740 BC. Polish archeologists discovered this place in 1933. Today village is reconstructed and opened for tourists. This is the great place to learn about the beginning of Polish nation.

Others

  • Kostrzyn
    Map of Poland - Kostrzyn
    Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn

    – Small town located on the boarder with Germany. The town can be proud of interesting medieval architecture and long history, but it’s famous especially by Woodstock Festival – the biggest open-air rock music festival in this part of Europe. During the last event in 2010 Kostrzyn was visited by over 350 thousand people. Year by year popularity of Woodstock is rising. Huge stage of Woodstock Festival is a place of the greatest rock stars from all over the World performances.

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