North-West Poland Map

LEGEND                                                 North-West Poland

  • Gdansk
    Map of Poland - Gdansk

    – The biggest city of Polish coast, one of the most popular tour destinations, place where World War II has started and where Socialism époque has fallen. Over 1000 years history remained amazing monuments in almost every corner of this magnificent city.

  • Szczecin
    Map of Poland - Szczecin

    – The capital city of West Pomerania and also one of the most beautiful Polish cities often called “The Floating Garden”. Mixture of modern architecture and historical monuments makes Szczecin one of a kind.

  • Swinoujscie
    Map of Poland - Swinoujscie

    – One of the most popular and beautiful cities of Polish coast, placed near the boarder with Germany, on the biggest island of Poland – Wolin. Amazing monuments connected with the marine tradition, atmosphere of coastal town, smell of the sea and golden beaches makes every visit in Swinoujscie very pleasant experience.

  • Hel
    Map of Poland - Hel

    – one of the most unique cities in Europe, placed on the spit of tight peninsula. First mentions about Hel came from 12th century but in that times village was placed on the island. Today little archipelago turned into peninsula which has only 150 meters width in the tightest point. This is one of the most popular tour destinations in Poland.

Natural Attractions

  • Kaszuby
    Map of Poland - Kaszuby

    – historical region placed in northern part of Poland, with its unique customs, traditions and language which preserved to nowadays. Visit in Kaszuby is like a visit in totally different country than Poland. Among the Kaszuby region there is a Bory Tucholskie – forest which is also the national park and one of the Poles favorite tour destination.

  • Slowinski National Park
    Map of Poland - Slowinski National Park
    Slowinski National Park

    – National park which contains amazing coastal landscapes. The most unique land forms in the park are moving dunes and moraine hills. Museum of Countryside, Lighthouse in Czolpino and the Rowokol – the holy mountain of Kaszuby are the other places which are worth to be seen in Slowinski National Park.

  • Wolin Island
    Map of Poland - Wolin Island
    Wolin Island

    – It’s the biggest Polish island, placed in the north-west part of our country, very close to the boarder with Germany. On the island there are two bigger towns – Miedzyzdroje and Swinoujscie as also Wolin National Park and few popular watering places. Island has rich tourism offer which includes natural attractions, accommodation, restaurants and other service points as also beautiful coastal landscape.

Nazi Camps

  • Stutthof
    Map of Poland - Stutthof
    Stutthof Nazi Camp

    – Concentration Camp which was the first and the longest established Nazi extermination camp on the Polish territory. It was found in 2nd September 1939 and liquidated in 9th May 1945. During whole World War II it was a place of slave labor and extermination of about 65 thousand of people, especially Jews. Among Nazi camps, Stutthof was a place of the greatest torment of woman and children.

Architecture Monuments

  • Sopot Pier
    Map of Poland - Sopot Pier
    Sopot Pier

    – The longest wooden pier in Europe, it is over 500 meters long. This is an ideal places of family walks, but also many cultural events are organized here. Of course pier is not the only attraction of the wonderful town Sopot.

  • Malbork Castle
    Map of Poland - Malbork Castle
    Malbork Castle

    – It is one of the largest and best preserved gothic stronghold in the world. It is placed in Malbork town, about one hour away from Gdansk. Castle was built in the end of 13th century as a seat of Teutonic Knights Order and capital city of Order’s State.

Others

  • Kamien Pomorski
    Map of Poland - Kamien Pomorski
    Kamien Pomorski

    – idyllic coastal town, full of interesting monuments, by famous especially as one of the best spa resorts in Poland. Healthy sea air and well prepared health centers offers many treatments especially for people with heart and ling diseases but also with walking problems.

  • Alied Cemetery in Malbork
    Map of Poland - Alied Cemetery
    Alied Cemetery in Malbork

    – Commonwealth War Cemetery in Malbork is a burial place of 252 allied soldiers who died in nearby POW camp – Stalag Marienburg Willenberg XX B. We can find here a graves of soldiers from Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zeland

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