Lodz Restaurants – Best Restaurants in Lodz

Lodz restaurants

Lodz restaurants

Plenty of cuisines, thousands of dishes, great interiors and services – it’s all waiting for you in Lodz! Are you hungry? Just get inside to the one of our recommended restaurants, smell and taste their masterpieces!

Zlota Kaczka

Zlota Kaczka Restaurant Lodz
Zlota Kaczka Restaurant
and the Japanese Garden

Zlota Kaczka (Golden Duck) is the oldest oriental restaurants in Lodz. It was found in 1989 and since that time was visited by many famous guests. It is very spacious, there is a lot of seats. For great attention deserves beautiful garden designed in Japanese style.

Restaurant has in offer delicious dishes of far east cuisine. The greatest culinary masterpieces of Zlota Kaczka are dishes with duck.

Restaurant is situated about 8 km from the city center, but thank to that distance this place is very peaceful and if you want to relax during delicious meal, there’s no better place in Lodz. It’s worth to visit Zlota Kaczka at least one time!

Key Info

Location: 10 minutes ride from the city center
Address: Rabienska Street no. 8, Lodz
Cuisine: Japanese, Far-East, Oriental
Opening hours:12:30pm – 10pm
Transport: Bus and tram stops in the area; taxis.


Klimaty Restaurant Lodz

This is the best place if you feel enough of fast food and want to try original Polish cuisine, the same as in our houses. Klimaty restaurant offers great and cheap traditional dishes.

Restaurant is situated in Piotrkowsa Street, in the very heart of Lodz. Interiors provide homely atmosphere so this is dream place for a lunch with family.

Dishes are very various and menu is often changed so doesn’t matter how frequently you visit Klimaty, there is always a chance to try something new and we’re sure, that chef can surprise you every time.

Key Info

Location: Very heart of Lodz
Address: Piotrkowska St. no. 79, Lodz
Cuisine: Traditional Polish Cuisine
Opening hours:11am – 6pm
Transport: Bus and tram stops in the area; taxis.

Bacowka u Jozka

Bacowka u Jozka Lodz
Bacowka u Jozka

This unique restaurant is situated in foot of Rudzka Mountain. Bacowka is stylized for a mountaineer’s style, full of wooden furniture, with very familiar atmosphere. It offers traditional dishes of mountains like oscypek – sheep cheese, many kinds of lamb and other delicious meat and also unique liquors.

Bacowka is a great place if you want to feel the atmosphere of Polish mountains. Next to restaurant there is famous sled track which gives us opportunity to entertain a little bit after meal. If you were in Zakopane and you miss that atmosphere, you can feel it also in the middle of Poland, thank to Bacowka u Jozka restaurant.

Key Info

Location: 5 minutes ride from the center
Address: Starorudzka St. no. 46, Szczecin
Cuisine: Polish, Highlander’s Cuisine
Opening hours:11am – 11pm
Transport: Bus and tram stops in the area; taxis.

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