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Rzeszow Airport

Rzeszow airport

Rzeszow Airport

Rzeszow Jasionka Airport

Rzeszow Jasionka Airport is situated 10 km the from the center of Rzeszow city.

The airport is being constantly modernized to offer high standard services. Works on the modernisation of Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport are still under way and construction of new Terminal 2 with the accompanying infrastructure has recently begun.

Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport features the second-longest runway in Poland and is the seventh busiest airport in Poland.

The airlines that are flying from the Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport are LOT and Ryanair.

How to get to the airport:

Access to the Rzeszow Jasionka Airport is very convenient. You can go there by:

* car, taxi – road no. 19 connecting Rzeszow and Lublin,

* bus service and shuttle bus “L” operating between Rzeszow Centre and Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport


Port Lotniczy Rzeszów (Rzeszow Airport)

36-002 Jasionka 942, Poland

phone: +48 (17) 852 00 81

fax: +48 (17) 852 07 09

e-mail: rzeszowairport@polish-airports.com

Official website: http://www.rzeszowairport.pl/en

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