Weekend in Katowice

Weekend in Katowice

Weekend in Katowice

Katowice is one of the most unique cities in Poland. You won’t find here the atmosphere of a tourism center like in Krakow or Gdansk. Also history of this city is quite short, but it doesn’t mean that it’s boring and there’s nothing to see in here. We will prove you, that Katowice can be interesting place If you’ll choose it for your weekend trip.


Good Afternoon! Welcome at Katowice Airport. It’s very nice to see you here. Now we’re going to your hotel to accommodate you, then we will try to make something interesting before this day will end. Let’s go.

Higher Culture

About Poland - Katowice - Rialto Cinema
Cienam Theatre Rialto

For this evening I would like to recommend you show in Cinema – Theatre Rialto. This one of its kind place mixes characteristic attributes of theatre, cinema and café. There’s always something really interesting going on there, so we’ll take a place in a Cinema Café and watch the show in this unique atmosphere. I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed. This is really nice way to spend your evening in Katowice. After show we can stay here for a while to discuss about it with the other visitors.

Later you can make a choice between visit in one of numerous Katowice pubs, or maybe go back to hotel to get rest before yesterday sightseeing. However, see you tomorrow morning!


Hello! I hope you slept well. Today is a main part of your Katowice trip. After breakfast I would like to show you quite strenge, but in my opinion unique and beautiful district – Giszowiec.

The place where two epochs mix with each other

About Poland - Katowice - Giszowiec
Giszowiec District

Giszowiec was built in the beginning of 19th century, as a housing estate for miners. This place is full of wonderful, historical small houses which was made for miners and their families. It was placed between beautiful greenery. Few decades later, after World War II, during communism era in Poland, also blocks of flats made by most cheap and popular building material called big slab, has been built here, as a place to live for industrial workers. Nowadays in Giszowiec we have an unique mixture of historical houses and relicts of soviet jurisdiction, surrounded with breath-taking parks and other green places. It makes really weird but amazing impression.

Taste of poland

Sightseeing of Giszowiec can take even few hours, so after it, it’s worth to accumulate some energy. It’s a good reason to seat in some restaurant and eat a lunch. If you’re enthusiast of Japanese cuisine I recommend Sushi Sapporo – one of the greatest sushi restaurants in Poland. If you want to try some traditional Polish dishes, the best place is Karczma pod Strzecha.

Open outdoor relax and the history lesson

To relax after meal we can visit some place full of nature. I recommend you the Valley of Three Ponds. This is huge park, green heart of Katowice, with three large basins. Park is favorite places of Katowice inhabitants afternoon walks but also most popular recreation place and water sports centre.

About Poland - Katowice - Jewish Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery

Another point of our sightseeing is a historical Jewish Cemetery. It’s really amazing place. Every tombstone is a masterpiece of sculpture. It’s also a great source of knowledge about Katowice history. Walking between historical graves, while the dusk is falling, it’s little bit creepy but also incredible experience.

The night belongs to you!

For an evening in Katowice I recommend you one of great modern clubs. The city can be proud of really nice nightlie offer so feel free to choose one and have a nice fun! See you tomorrow!


I guess that yesterday’s night was full of attractions. It’s good to hear that you enjoyed it. There is not much more to see in Katowice today, so we don’t have to hurry. My proposal for you is to make some shopping and buy some souvenirs.

Flying Saucer of Sport and Culture

About Poland - Katowice - Spodek
“Spodek” Katowice

We can also stay for a while in the area of Spodek. It’s worth to see this place, because of its unique architecture, which brings to mind the flying saucer. This is probably the most famous symbol of Katowice as also the main place of sport, entertainment and cultural events in Poland.

You’ve seen, what was worth to be seen, bought some souvenirs and entertained yourself, there is nothing left to do, but go to airport and get back home. I hope you liked Katowice and this trip will make you to visit other beautiful Polish places. Have a nice flight and see you next time in Poland!

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