Weekend in Wroclaw

weekend in wroclaw

Weekend in Wroclaw

Wroclaw Panorama
Wroclaw Panorama

Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland! One weekend in Wroclaw is not enough time to explore all of the most charming corners. Of course, there are no obstacles to visit once again and find more amazing sights. Here, we recommend the most necessary places to visit during your first weekend in the capital of Lower Silesia.


Welcome in Wroclaw. I hope you’re in good shape, because you won’t have enough time for laying around  this weekend. I’m here to show you the most attractive places of the city, so prepare for a marvelous experience. You should appreciate my work, because it’s extremely hard to select just a few attractions from Wroclaw. However, I know that you won’t be disappointed.

Water, Lights and Music!

Wroclaw Pergola Fountain
Pergola Fountain

For today’s evening I’ve prepared something really breath-taking! Now we’re going to go to your hotel and after we’ll admire the Pergola Fountain. This is the one of few in the world. The water can be shot 40 meters into the air. 300 nozzles simoultaneously shooting the water up makes for amazing visuals. On 700 square meter water screen we can see one of a kind animations Sounds of music and splashing water make an unforgettable impression! It’s no way to describe the real beauty of fountains show. Fortunately you’ll see it for a while!

After this wonderful event It’s worth to get back to hotel and prepare for tomorrow’s sightseeing. It will be a long day, so better rest. Good night.


Good morning! I’m pretty sure that you didn’t cool down after yesterday’s breath-taking fountain show, but better become accustomed to this feeling, because there’s so many amazing sights that you won’t possibility to cool down until you leave Wroclaw.

Time Travel

Wroclaw Wroclaw Town Hall
Wrocalaw Town Hall

First place that I want to show you today, is the Main Square with all surrounding monuments. This place has come into being in first half of 13th century. Of course it wasn’t as wonderful as now. The main square is a point where history mixes with modernity. Surrounding tenement houses and the amazing 13th century Town Hall are really incredible. A part of Main Square is a place of florists stands, so it’s always full of flowers.

Numerous cafes in this idyllic area are tempting you to sit for a while and relax before we go to the next point of our sightseeing.

Unexpected Great Museum

Wroclaw Telecommunication Museum
Historical Phone
in Telecommunication Museum

Another unique place that it’s really worth visiting is the Museum of Post and Telecommunication. You haven’t even expected that old phones or post vehicles can be so interesting. It’s worth to marvel at this museum on your own, so here you have about one hour, to admire those objects and the interesting way we’re moving further.

Now we’re going to see one of the biggest paintings in the world, Panorama Raclawicka. Later we will have an opportunity to admire Japanese Garden and Wroclaw Zoo, one of the biggest and most famous zoological gardens in Europe.

Enormous Painting

Wroclaw Rotunda of Panorama Raclawicka
Rotunda of Panorama Raclawicka

Panorama Raclawicka is the one of the most popular attractions of Wroclaw. This enormous painting is 15 x 114 meters and was created in the 19th century. It shows the Battle for Raclawice. The painting is placed in special rotunda where we can admire it six days a week. It’s very popular, from 1985 when the exposition has been opened to 2004 it was visited by 6 million people.

Natural Attractions

Wroclaw Wroclaw ZOO
Wroclaw ZOO

Japanese Garden is a part of Wroclaw Botanical Garden which belongs to University of Wroclaw. All structures such as bridges, pavilions and gates are a combination of Japanese tradition with the precision of Polish artists. A big entrance gate leads to the garden, and just behind it there is a stone path that shows us a wooden bridge over the pond. Following the paths we can see many attractive places in the garden.

Wroclaw Japanese Gardens
Japanese Gardens

From gardens we’re going to see amazing animals in the zoo. Here we can admire many unusual species. For the most valuable residents of zoological garden in Wroclaw are lions, giraffes, hippos and many, many more amazing creatures. It’s worth to stay a while next to the run for baboons. These monkeys are extremely funny.

During our today sightseeing we’ve mixed history with art and wild nature. Of course they are not all the places which we can admire in Wroclaw, but as I said, it was very hard to select the most impressive.


Wroclaw Dominikanska Gallery
Dominikanska Shopping Gallery

There are plenty of things which you can do in Wroclaw in the evening but I believe that after such intensive day you’re dreaming about peaceful night in hotel. No?! My God, you’re immortal! I don’t won’t to suggest anything about the nightlife. Just follow your instict. I know that you’ll have a great time everywhere you go in this magical city.


Hello! Before transfer to the airport you’ll probably want to buy some souvenirs. For great shopping I recommend Dominikanska Gallery. This is the one of the largest shopping centers in Poland. you’ll surely find anything you need. After it, you’ll be transfered to the airport. I hope that you has a good time in Wroclaw and I expect that you’ll come back for more!

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