Weekend in Szczecin

Weekend in szczecin

If you want to mix sightseeing of amazing historical monuments, magnificent landscape, full of water and greenery with wild nightlife adventure and relax on the seaside, Szczecin is a place for you! One weekend is simply not enough to see all attractions of this magnificent city, but we’re here to help you choose those places, that you can’t miss. Let our airy fairy guide to take you for imaginary trip around Szczecin.


Hello! Welcome in Szczecin, the capital of West Pomerania. I’m here to show you as much as we can see during only three days. We have no time to loose, so now we’ll go to accommodate you in the hotel and then I’ll show you the most representative place in Szczecin – Waly Chrobrego.

Evening on the Riverside

Ok, as you can see Waly Chrobrego is a terrace with amazing view of Oder river. It’s surrounded by the most beautiful monuments of Szczecin – Maritime University, Modern Theater and Sea Museum. Near the entrance to terrace there is a wonderful statue of Hercules. After short stroll around the Waly Chrobrego we can go for supper. Not far from here there is Chata Restaurant which serves original Polish cuisine. Have you ever tried our national dish called pierogi? Chata makes one of the best pierogi in Poland and I recommend you to try it. Of course menu includes many more delicious dishes, so feel free to choose.

Waly Chrobrego

The rest of the evening is yours. You can visit one of great Szczecin pubs or do whatever you want, but remember that tomorrow will be a long day, so you have to be in good shape. See you tomorrow!


Harbour Gate Szczecin
Harbour Gate Szczecin

Good morning! Today is a main day of your weekend in Szczecin. We will try to see as much as we can. After breakfast we’ll start from Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle.

Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

This amazing monument was built in 12th century, but it was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt after it. Pay attention on the small museum placed in castle and Foucault pendulum in the tower, which is a proof of Earth’s rotation. Unfortunately we haven’t enough time to see one of the shows in Castle Cinema or „Krypta” Theater. Believe me, those performances are really charming, you should see it at your earliest convenience.

Other Szczecin Must-Sees!

After sightseeing of castle we’ll back to the area of Waly Chrobrego to visit Sea Museum. Szczecin isn’t exactly coastal city, but it’s connected with the Baltic Sea by Szczecin’s Bay and maritime culture plays important part here. In museum we can admire nautical, archeological, ethnographic and few others marvelous exhibitions.

Sea Museum Szczecin
Sea Museum

I think is a good time for some meal. Yesterday we went to „Chata”, today I would like to recommend you „Na Mariackiej”. This luxury restaurant offers Polish, French, Italian and Japanese cuisines, so I’m sure, you’ll find something delicious.

Now I would like to show you remains of fortifications from Prussian times. There are two gates – Harbor Gate and Royal Gate. Both are really beautiful. Its front elevations are truly the masterpieces of bas-relief. Inside the Royal Gate there is The Gate Jazz Café, so we can get inside for some coffee before we’ll back to the hotel.

Dance until morning

Of course this is not the end of today’s attractions. Szczecin has a great offer of nightlife places. If you want to entertain your self I can say, that Baila Disco Club and Pub will be to most suitable place. Change your clothes, take a breath and go to get some fun, you won’t regret it!

Baila Club



Hello! This is your last day in Szczecin, so I prepared something special. We’ll go to a hydrofoil trip to a seaside town Swinoujscie. You can make some shopping there and it’s also a good idea to have a relaxing walk on the beach before your flight.

Goodbye Szczecin

Hydrofoil Szczecin
Hydrofoil Szczecin

The trip stays one hour, so when we get back to Szczecin, we won’t have time to see anything else. As I said, Szczecin has many more beautiful places and one weekend it’s not enough to admire it all.

This is the end of your trip to capital of West Pomerania. I hope you liked it and I expect that you’ll come back to Poland to visit another marvelous cities. See you soon!

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