Climate in Poland

Climate in Poland

The climate in Poland is a mixture maritime and continental. There are very cold and snowy winters and warm summers with plenty of rainfalls in July. During the spring and autumn the weather can be very surprising, because of the air masses which come either from the south west (warm air) or from the north east (cold air) of the continent.

rainfallAverage temperature in summer varies between 16.5 ° C and 20 ° C, in winter – between -6 ° C and 0 ° C. Average annual air temperature in Poland is 7-9 ° C (except for mountain areas). Warmest cities in Poland in view of the average annual air temperature are Tarnów, Wroclaw and Slubice.


Polish climate records:

The average rainfall is 600 mm per year. The rainfall during the year is uneven, 2 / 3 of annual rainfall is in the summer.
Maximum temperature: 40.2 ° C – Prószków, 29.07.1921 r.
The minimum temperature: -41.0 ° C – Siedlce, 11.01.1940 r.
The highest annual rainfall: 2 770 mm – Valley of five ponds, 2001
The lowest annual rainfall: 275 mm – Poznan, 1982.


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