The maintenance of public order and citizen security in Poland is the responsibility of the police and the municipal police.


The police is authorised to:

  • Check IDs in order to establish the identity of their holders (if justified)
  • Perform a strip search, as well as check the content of luggage and cargo in harbours, at railway stations and in means of land, air and water transport in the event of a justified suspicion that an offence has been committed
  • Detain people that pose a threat to human life, health or property.


You can be fined by the police or by the municipal police for:

  • Drinking alcohol in public
  • Crossing the road in dangerous places (jaywalking)
  • Going over the speed limit
  • Driving under the influence (cars, bicycles)

When driving, remember:

  • Have your seatbelt on
  • Headlights must be switched on throughout the year in Poland
  • Children must be transported in safety seats
  • Holding your phone while driving is illegal. Use an ear piece, hands-free, etc.

Municipal Police

The municipal police are appointed by the municipal or communal council to maintain public order in the territory of a given municipality or commune. Municipal police do not operate in every single town and commune. One of its tasks is to control the road traffic and to maintain public order (you can get fined for parking in the wrong place, pay close attention to where you can and cannot park!). They often cooperate with event organisers and other services to maintain order during gatherings and public events.

Emergency Phone Number – 112

From mobile phones you can always use an universal emergency number – 112 which you can dial without any area code. The operator will kindly ask you for the appropriate emergency unit.

IMPORTANT! Emergency calls are free in telephone booths.

From fixed phones and phone booths free of charge:
997 Police
998 Fire Brigade
999 Ambulance
981 Road Assistance
986 Municipal Police


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